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This Oughta Be "Interest"ing

This Oughta Be “Interest”ing…

Today we have the TRULY GREAT FORTUNE of having an expert guest share his best tips for driving traffic from Facebook.

Pedro Lopes has built his online business and reputation through FB traffic, and today he’s holding nothing back as he shares his best methods for traffic success.


Hey there, first and foremost I’d like to extend a huge thank you to “The Goofball” Mark Tandan for giving me the opportunity to drop by and share some knowledge with you. It’s an awesome opportunity, and as someone who’s developing an IM blog of my own, I also appreciate what Mark, Bryan, Shane, Brian and Lee have established here. Most marketers in the industry nowadays will try to sell to you before they even attempt to know who you are or what you you want.

The IM Rebels to me are a breath of fresh air in the smog that is the “buy this, buy that” IM world. The fact that these guys have gone out of their way to establish this hub of quality information without pimping it out behind a fancy sales letter, puts them in a league of their own and truly justifies the name “IM Rebels.”

Who Am I?

My name is Pedro Lopes and I despise talking about myself. Most of the time I just don’t know where to start and I end up rambling and rambling on making me look like I love talking about myself and creating run on sentences.

I do understand however, that if I’m going to keep your attention for the duration of this article, it would be wise of me to give you something about myself that would make me worthy of that attention so let’s try that introduction again, shall we?

My name is Pedro, and other than a witty writer, I’m a successful product creator and some people call me a social media expert. I personally think I’m just an overly enthusiastic student but I’ll admit, “expert” is not the worst thing I’ve ever been called.

I started my internet marketing journey back in January 2014 and since then I’ve been fortunate enough to have been behind over half a dozen product launches mainly focused on social media, mostly Facebook. I’ve received a couple of awards in the past for my products but I’ve always judged myself based on my latest achievement. I always strive to progress and make my latest achievement my greatest achievement and at the moment you are reading my latest achievement, this article.

Let’s Talk About Something Else

Enough about me, right? Let’s get straight to the information, shall we? Today we’re going to talk a bit about how to use Facebook as the behemoth of a traffic source that it truly is. Facebook to traffic is like what a Los Angeles freeway is to rush hour, it’s jam packed! Currently, about 1 person out of every 7 on planet earth actively uses Facebook, which could mean many things, but to this particular article and to you and your business (or lack there of), means opportunity.

It really is amazing that with just a couple clicks, you can expose your business or service to over a billion people worldwide. But unless you’d like to donate your hard earned money to Mr. Zuckerberg, it would be wise to learn how to sort out who in that billion actually wants your business. Luckily, Facebook gives you the tools to do this and they do a fine job of helping you narrow that audience down.

In this article, we’re going to touch on Facebook ads, targeting and a little bit of mindset. Our focus in this article is to get you started on the right foot. A lot of marketers will tell you that your funnel is important or your ad copy is important or even that retargeting is important, and these things are indeed very important, but in order for you to even get to that stage of the game, you have to realize that it all has to start somewhere.

Yes, those three parts – funnel, ad copy and retargeting – are fundamental components to a successful campaign in just about any ad network, but in regards to FB ads, I’ve found that the piece of the puzzle that we’re going to dive into today is the least talked about. If you’re starting campaigns from scratch with FB ads, this information will be key to you. This is where it all begins. There’s gold under that monotonous blue and white interface, so grab a shovel and let’s start digging.


First thing’s first, let’s begin with a bit of mindset. Out of all the phases of FB advertising, this is the least sexy, yet most important (that’s usually the case, isn’t it?). Most people either get this part horribly wrong or just don’t try hard enough here. The thing is, you’re probably going to get this part wrong more times than you will get it right, and this is ok.

Additionally, this is also the most frustrating and costly phase, so keep this in mind when you jump in to this and immediately feel frustrated as it is completely normal. Just don’t be afraid of getting this wrong, you’ll only need to strike gold once and the gold will keep flowing out, don’t let a little bit of dirt keep you from finding the gold, just know that it comes with the environment.

This is the testing phase or the pre-qualification phase, whatever you choose to call this phase, just know that it certainly is NOT the “throw ‘stuff’ on the wall and hope it sticks phase.” Granted, this can feel similar to that, especially as you’re going to need to test some “stuff” out first, but with a little bit of market research and targeting tactics, we’re gonna make sure it isn’t all “stuff.” Come to think of it, this is actually both the testing AND the pre-qualification phase as you will actually be doing both. Hang in there, we’re gonna start making sense soon.

Market Research

Market research is extremely important here, especially if you’re not very knowledgeable in the niche you’re heading into. If you’re not knowledgeable, you should at least be willing to learn. This is why you always hear people suggesting that if you are going to explore a new niche, you should at least have some interest in it, other than just a monetary interest. Speaking of interests, this is the first step to FB ads, we’re gonna break down some techniques that you can use to get this right as well as other aspects of the pre-qualification phase. We can’t discuss them all but we will discuss some that can make the biggest difference..


So what is your audience really interested in? If you’re in the weight loss niche, why not type in diets in the “interests” section and call it a day, right?


I mean, if there are 20 million people interested, the more the merrier, right? Negative, you’re going to burn a lot of money doing it like this. Think about it, anyone can be interested in dieting. For example, let’s say you like pizza and your favorite pizza is specifically one with pineapples slices on it, pretend for a minute that you LOVE pineapple pizza. If you saw an image of a regular pizza and an image of a pineapple pizza, which one would you most likely click or take action on?

You and your fellow pineapple pizza lovers would most likely take action on the image of the pineapple pizza, right? Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the pizza shop owner that was running the ad with the image of pineapple pizza only sells pineapple pizza. The “umbrella” interest is still pizza, the pizza shop owner simply realized that images of pineapple pizza would get more action simply because it was more specific, thus immediately increasing the response rates of his ads.

So when you’re breaking down interests in your audience targeting, try to think of something under the umbrella of your main niche, but more specific. A great place to start is by thinking of public figures in your niche. If you don’t know any, this is where your market research begins and good ol’ Google is the perfect tool to use here. A couple other ideas are publications (such as magazines and books) and TV shows.

One quick thing here is, don’t make the mistake of targeting public figures like Michael Jordan just because you’re targeting the Chicago Bulls, for example. Michael Jordan is a public figure and he did play for the Chicago Bulls, but this would be an exception here. MJ is simply too big of an image in his own right and not everyone that likes Michael Jordan is necessarily a Bulls fan. Don’t be lazy here, if you’re targeting Chicago Bulls fans or you’re in a scenario similar to this, dig down into the interests and find out interests that only your specific audience would know about, this is where the gold is at.

Now remember, this is a testing phase and in order to make your testing mean anything to you, you have to know where your results are actually coming from. So if you’ve already narrowed down your main interest into several sub interests, I’m going to suggest something that you might hate me for suggesting.

I’m going to suggest that you run separate ad sets for each specific interest. This is gonna suck to do at first, but it will help you distinguish which ones to keep and which ones to scrap. Again, this will be a bit tedious, but you’ll save a ton from cutting loose the losers and make a bunch more by scaling up the winners. You’ll hate yourself while you do this, but you’ll love yourself for doing it.

The exception and only overriding factor to this rule would be that the audience for one particular interest might be ridiculously too small, then I would suggest coupling a couple interests and then monitoring them. Just don’t put 20 different broken down interests into one ad set because then you won’t be able to know what’s working and what isn’t.

You can also target interests that are relative to your niche by utilizing the vastly underappreciated and underused “Audience Insights” tool that Facebook provides you. The image below is an example of other interests related to the “Call of Duty” video game. I recommend looking into this if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas.



We’ll briefly touch on this as it’s pretty easy to figure out. Age groups is a great way to narrow your audience down so your ads get seen by the people who want to see them. This will get you better interaction, which will result in more leads and lower your cost per click.

If you really think about it, you should have a rough idea about which age group your niche will be relevant to. But you don’t have to guess here, all the information you need is available in Audience Insights.



The image above shows the prominent age groups for the video game “Call of Duty.” As you probably suspected, it’s not getting much action from the 55 and above crowd. The image also shows a strong gender dominance for the video game and this is what we’ll be going into next, gender.

As you learned with the age demographics, gender also plays a key role in your FB ads, but with my past experience, the importance of gender goes a bit beyond just targeting your audience however.

I’m going to give you an example of something that I’ve done when it comes to breaking down gender. This applies to the fitness niche, but it doesn’t have to be limited to it. There are many niches out there that are split right down the middle when it comes to targeting based on gender. For me, this dictates my targeting, my ad images, ad copy, lead magnet, funnel and even the subscribers list my leads opt in to.

If you’re in a niche that has a distinct enough audience share of each genders, this isn’t optional for you to do, I’d say it’s almost mandatory.

Yeah, it’s more work but think about the long run here. One of the most popular Clickbank affiliate offers in the marketplace is called The Venus Factor System. There are affiliates in the marketplace generating over 5 figures a day promoting just this single product and guess what? The Venus Factor System is an online fitness program created only for women. If you’re in the fitness niche and you’re building a list of subscribers, chances are somewhere in your email sequence, you’re going to be promoting The Venus Factor System eventually. Why would you send this email out to your male subscribers?

Lastly, when you’re running ad campaigns, you want more interaction, you want more leads, more clicks and you want it to cost as little as possible, right? Then you’d be wise to set up your ad images, copy and targeting to be gender specific. Without gender specification,most of my ad campaigns wouldn’t have been possible, just read the ad copy example below and let me know if you agree…

“Are you a single mother who wants toned abs before the summer months? Click to find out how!”


And lastly, we arrive at location. Location targeting is a rather unexplored avenue that most marketers ignore with FB ads. Of course you have your 5  tier 1 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, but today we’re going a bit beyond that. Today, I’m going to give you an idea here that was the inspiration to one of my reports called “The Wolf of FB” and responsible for massive interaction and dirt cheap clicks in the highly competitive fitness niche.

Here’s what I realized, most people have a bit of pride for the city or town that they reside in and immediately recognize a landmark when they see it. It’s almost an uncontrollable reaction. The key to getting people’s attention is to tap into those uncontrollable reactions and proper location targeting is a great way to do it.

What I did was, I simply did a Google search for the most prominent fitness cities in America. I was actually surprised to discover that Sioux Falls in South Dakota was actually topping that list at the time. So I did some research and looked up the most recognizable landmark in Sioux Falls and used it in my ad image. I did a bit of editing using Canva.com and put an image of my lead magnet within the landmark image and it worked like a charm.

All I did was combine that with some gender specific targeting and some simple ad copy. My audience could barely resist the ad when they saw it, my interaction was through the roof and my cost per click, dirt cheap.

So, whatever niche you’re in, try to find a way to make your ads specific to your audience’s location and you’ll see that you’ll be in for a successful campaign.

Where To From Here?

Well, we can go on and on talking about Facebook advertising but I promised Mark an article and not a book. I’ll be publishing more content like this on my own blog IMWithPedro.com and hopefully I’ll be back here to share some knowledge with the IM Rebels before long.

I will leave you with two parting tips though. Firstly, when you set up your initial ad campaigns on Facebook, make sure that whatever page you’re sending your traffic to is a page of your creation, a landing page for example. Make sure that this page has a retargeting pixel installed in it. Always, always do this as it is extremely important to create a custom audience from traffic that lands on your page. This is truly where your ad campaigns tend to kick in. Remember, everything you’ve learned today is part of a pre-qualification process. If you don’t set up tracking pixels on your landing pages, you are literally throwing away pre-qualified prospects.

Second tip, set up an autoresponder sequence beforehand, make it a lengthy one, if possible. Do this so you don’t have to constantly have to juggle monitoring campaigns and coming up with content at the same time. This will truly give you an automated business for the long run. Also don’t simply promote products, especially on your first few messages. Give your new subscribers some value.

This doesn’t have to be a back breaking process, you can find plenty of writers that you can outsource this work to and you can also look to PLR websites to find plenty of gifts that you can occasionally give to your subscribers to remind them of how special they are and to keep them coming back. Don’t neglect the importance of treating your subscribers like people, this is absolutely necessary if you want your email marketing campaigns to have a long shelf life.

Well, that’s all folks! I’d like to thank Mark again for giving me the opportunity to entertain you. I hope you enjoyed this article, it might’ve been a bit lengthy, but I truly enjoyed writing it!

Until next time! Thank you again for joining me. I wish you tons of success in your future endeavours. Keep growing, keep striving to become better and remember, stay uncomfortable.


Like what you saw from Pedro? Be sure to check out his blog for more updates!

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