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Tools To Quickly Grow Your Business Online - The IM Rebels

Tools To Quickly Grow Your Business Online

68 Tools To Grow Your Business Online

A lot of people have asked me what particular tools and SAS I use (or have used) to grow both my business online, so  I sat down and compiled a list of the tools and services that I use the most my own online businesses and with my clients’ businesses.  Some of them are free services and software, and some are paid.

I will keep this list updated as it develops because often I’ll find something that works better than what I’m currently using and I’ll change things up.

Part 1:  Social Media, Website and Sales Funnel Tools


Part 2: Data Tracking and Analysis and Automation


Part 3: Paid Ads on Facebook and Google Adwords, Graphic Design and Video Creation/Editing and More


Here is the Full List with clickable links



Abbreviated Transcript for those with slow internet connections: (in progress)

Not every single tool is going to match every single business so don’t think that just because there’s all these tools that you have to go out and buy all of them.   Just look at what you need for your business and then decide which of these tools would suit your needs best.

I’m going to divide each of these into different categories first I’ll start off with social media tools and then I’ll go through website and sales funnel tools and then data tracking and analysis and then automation tools then paid ad tools graphic design and video tools and then some other useful tools that don’t really fit into any of those different categories.

Part 1.:  Social Media Tools

The first one we’ll look at is ShortStack  which is a program that lets you create different apps and it can either be an app page on Facebook or it can be just a individual app that you put on your own website or it can even give you a link and they’ll host it for for you.

You can see just by their different templates that you can do giveaways, landing pages, photo contests, vote to enter, giveaways, story contests, contact us, trivia quiz, pick your prize, coupons, Instagram photo upload contest, personality quiz contest (I’m sure you see these all the time, people kind of like those a lot).

All of these are very good for collecting leads, getting attention, creating brand awareness and interact and with your followers and getting new followers, rewarding your current followers, etc..

The next one is Thunder Penny and thunder penny is another one for creating apps on Facebook.

Next one is xsplit broadcaster this is one that I like a lot, it allows you to stream to Facebook and YouTube and a whole lot of other sites for absolutely free now if you want to stream to multiple places at the same time you have to upgrade but for me it was worth it so I bought the lifetime version of xsplit, so now I can stream to Facebook and YouTube and dailymotion and Facebook groups and different Facebook pages all at the same time. Keep in mind that the more places that you stream to, the more powerful of a computer you have, also the faster Internet you have to have.

Next is Agora pulse timeline contests, which is one way to do timeline contests for your Facebook page.  A timeline contest is different from the app contest (like with ShortStack) because a timeline contest actually goes in the timeline and an app is an app on the Facebook page.  These are free as well and has a photo contest, quiz and sweepstakes and they’ve got the video on the page showing you how to do it.  You don’t have to use Agora Pulse to run a timeline contest, but its an easy way to do it if you have a very big page with a lot of engagement.

Next is PromoRepublic, a lot of people don’t know about PromoRepublic but it is a cool tool that lets you schedule social media post and it also lets you create different social media posts as well. It’s got a pretty cool web editor in there that I like, and personally, I like it better than canva. It’s also a social media calendar and they create different post ideas and the post calendar.   When I log on, right away they have a whole bunch of different post ideas they’ll tell me different things that are coming up, and then I can click on “recommendations for me” and they’ll give me specific post recommendations based on things that I’ve posted in the past. Basically, it’s just an all-in-one social media planner and post creator.

Next, is paper.li  How paper Lee works is you just type in different keywords and then it will automatically creates a newspaper for you based on your keywords and give you fresh content based on all those keywords. It will give you content as often as you want.

So I’d say if I want daily newspaper about drones, then every day it’ll try to find like the most interesting articles and videos and create a little mini paper for me then I can go through and look through the different content that’s out there.


(Rest of the video transcription is coming soon!)





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