Who Said Internet Marketing Was Easy?!

I want you to look the the mirror right now. Take a good long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself “am I truly dedicated to internet marketing?”

It’s 2:30 in the morning right now and I am just now finishing up my work day. But guess what? My alarm is set for 6:30 in the morning tomorrow morning…what do you think I am going to be doing tomorrow morning when I wake up?

Well, after I have my much needed coffee, I will be firing up my laptop and getting straight to work again.

I recently had a buddy of mine ask me a great question…

He said “Bryan, why do you work so hard? You are already successful at what you do, you have created multiple passive income streams, why are you still working 12+ hours every single day?”

The reason he asked me that question is because some of my buddies went out to the bars tonight, but I declined the invitation to stay in and finish up some work.

But then that got me thinking…

My buddy was right. I am successful at what I do. I have built multiple passive income streams. So why am I still dedicated to working so much?

The reason is because I have an incredible deep and burning desire to be more successful.

I am not going to settle for just making $10k per month online.

And once I reach $20k per month, that’s going to be great but I am not going to settle for that either.

And once I turn that $20k per month into $40k, I am not going to settle for that either because I will be chasing $100k.

I am not saying you aren’t dedicated. I know a lot of you put in hard work on a daily basis. But at the same time, could you have done just one more extra thing today?

Doing ‘just one more thing today’ might not sound like a lot. But there are 365 days in a year, if you did ‘one more thing’ every day for a full year, you would have accomplished 365 more things…that adds up!

I know this is a short post, but I really felt the need to write it before I went to bed (and before I wake up in about 4 hours) because I truly believe the one thing that holds people back from success isn’t the lack of information.

There is plenty of information out there, it’s the lack of action that holds people back in internet marketing.

If you follow the Rebels, we won’t allow that to happen. We are providing you with the knowledge, your job is to take action. There’s nothing different between us and you, we just take a heck of a lot of action!

With all that said, I want to end this post with a great quote I heard early in my internet marketing business.

“If you are willing to do today what others aren’t, you will be able to do tomorrow what others can’t.”

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One thought on “Who Said Internet Marketing Was Easy?!

  • May 9, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    Excellent post! This is the reason I selected Bryan as my online mentor. Previously I was student of a number of gurus. These gurus have thousands of students online, I don’t want to name them here. Many others had success with them but my personal experiences with them are pretty bad! Since then I was looking for (as online mentor) someone who has not become a guru yet, but has every potential to become one. And then I found Bryan Harkins almost by accident almost a year ago and I was lucky to pin point that, this is the guy I was looking for.

    A year later, I am pretty happy with my results. I have uploaded 7 products in the market in last five months, last one being selected WSOTD. All these successful stories happened under Bryan and then his coaching partner Shane Farrel’s direct supervision.

    Thank my luck and thanks to Bryan and Shane!


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