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2 Easy Ways to Create Amazing Headlines for your Sales Copy, Emails, and Blog Posts - The IM Rebels

2 Easy Ways to Create Amazing Headlines for your Sales Copy, Emails, and Blog Posts

Create Captivating Headlines In Minutes

2 Easy Ways to Create Killer Headlines

Having a great headline is one of the most important aspects of marketing.  You could have the best offer, or blog post, but if your headline doesn’t catch people’s attention, then it’s all pointless.

You want a headline that not only catches your target audience’s attention, but also makes them WANT to find out more.  You need to show people clearly, what’s in it for them and the benefit of reading on.

Now, I’m going to show you two easy ways to get tons of different captivating headlines with the simple click of a button (and its absolutely free).

The first headline tool we’re going to look at is Portent’s Title Maker

All you have to do is enter your subject into the field at the bottom of the page and click on the little arrow to the right.

If the headline generated doesn’t fit, then just click the button again and a brand new one will come up.

idea and headline maker

It will also give some blurbs on why it picked the words it did.

You can use this tool to come up with ideas for blog posts as well.

The second option (and better option in my opinion) is Headline Generator by IMHV.

Headline Generator will require you to fill in a lot more fields (8 total) than the first tool we looked at, but the results are much more effective, and it will give you a ton of results to go through.

You can see from the image below the different fields you’ll have to fill in

headline generator

And in this next image you’ll see a sample of some of the results.

easy headline maker

It will generate over 100 results for you to pick from (stretch out your scrolling finger if you plan on reading all of them).

Of these two methods, I prefer the Headline Generator, but the first way I showed you (using the Title-Maker) can be good for getting ideas if nothing jumps out at you from the results of Headline Generator.

So, now you’ve got the tools to help you hook people with your headlines….now what do you do once you’ve gotten their attention?

There is no short answer to that question which is why I suggest checking out our course,  Sales Copy That Sells…Copywiting Made Easy

There are over 38 lectures and 4 hours of video training plus tons of downloadable content like time-saving templates, cheat sheets, and all the resources you need to write copy that CONVERTS.

The course covers how to write effective copy in emails, sales pages or squeeze pages, and product reviews.

For a limited time we’re offering it at a massive 50% discount ($10  $20 )

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