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3 Easy Ways To Get More YouTube Views And Subscribers - The IM Rebels

3 Easy Ways To Get More YouTube Views And Subscribers

Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

We all know that there is a lot of money to be made with YouTube, but you’re not going to make any money unless you get more Youtube views and subscribers.

It doesn’t matter if you have monetized your YouTube channel with ads, or use it for affiliate marketing, or use it to market your own product…without views on your videos, you won’t make any money.

In this video, I show you three different things that you can do to start getting more views on your YouTube videos, and more subscribers to your channel.


The first thing that I’ll show you is a way to start to optimize your video for YouTube and let them know details about it faster.  Watch the  video above to see exactly what to do.  Basically, you’ll be adding some properties to the video, don’t worry, it only takes a minute to do. Doing this won’t rank your video on page 1 automatically for your keywords, but it helps YouTube understand and classify your video faster.

You’ll have to add good tags, and a good description (both using your target keywords) of  200 words minimum.   The longer you can make your description, the better (just make sure you’re talking about the topic of what the video is about, don’t ramble on and don’t plagiarize.  Don’t forget to add your links (to other videos or offers of yours) in the description as well along with a call to action (a call to action is something like “Click here to learn how to make your dog fetch you a beer” or “Click Here for Your Free Download“.

So, the first way has to do with helping your video rank better.  The second two ways are about what you can do inside of your videos on YouTube, to help drive people to your other videos (or to your offers)

The second thing I’ll show you how to do in the video, is how to use annotations to link to your other videos or offers.  Using annotations is a very effective way to turn your viewers into subscribers, and yet many people still don’t use them or they don’t use them properly.  I show you in the video how to properly add them to your videos, and if you come up with any technical questions, you can ask in the comments here, or feel free to read what YouTube says about annotations here.

BUT, one MAJOR problem with annotations, is they don’t show up on mobile or tablet (which is where most views on YouTube come from).

Which brings us to our third way, which is using cards (which do appear on mobile and tablet)  Cards are fairly new (depending on when you read this), and are a wonderful addition to YouTube.

You can have cards on YouTube lead people to another one of your videos, or to an offer, associated website, or an approved vendor’s website.  You an also add graphics and a call to action inside of the card.  Each video can have up to 5 different cards (which can all lead to different things, or the the same thing).  Watch the video above to see how to use cards.  If you have questions about YouTube cards, feel free to ask here in the comments, or you can always check out what YouTube has to say about cards.

There are a lot more things you can be doing to help get more views on your YT videos, but these three ways are very easy to do and don’t take long at all.   Always be sure to share your video as much as possible for more views (don’t try to only rely on searches to get more YouTube video views).

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