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3 Things TOP Online Marketers Do, That YOU Can Too

3 Things TOP Online Marketers Do, That YOU Can Too

Well, yesterday’s post on the perils of a certain free traffic source sure got people talking!

So as a follow-up, today let’s discuss 3 things some of the highest earning online marketers are doing INSTEAD.

Good news here is these methods are just part of a tested business plan that works in MULTIPLE niches and markets. Doesn’t matter if you’re pursuing the make money online angle, health, how to train your chihuahua or pretty much any other profitable niche.

Just what are some of the most successful online marketers doing? And I’m talking about people like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and Alex Becker to name just a few…

1. They’re CONSTANTLY creating and developing their own content. Both paid AND free. They use the free content to continue building their brands while getting more and more subscribers into their various funnels.

Then obviously the paid content becomes a fundamental basis of their income. These paid products will vary in format, quantity and cost in order to provide value across a range of price points.

Pro Tip: Get to creating content! Doesn’t need to be fancy, just get started doing SOMETHING, on a very regular basis. A blog is a great place to start, because it’s really easy to add fresh content frequently. Once you see how easy this is, moving on to creating free and paid info products becomes a very seamless transition.

2. They promote THEIR OWN content, vigorously. Everything and anything they create, they’re promoting. A free 5 minute video on “how to do x in y amount of time”. A cool infographic, a blog post. Then of course entry level, mid priced and high ticket products.

One thing for sure with these top level earners: they mix up their promotion strategies ALL THE TIME. Sometimes all you get is free content, then out of no where a webinar pitching a high priced offer. But they convert like all get out, because:

=> They’re building their brand as in step one

=> They provide an insane amount of quality free content

=> They further provide EXCELLENT value across price points

Pro Tip: Get on some of these marketer’s lists! You’ll often see ads from them on FB, sign up for something free. Then appreciate AND study how they treat you in follow up email campaigns. These people are playing a MUCH different game than the vast majority of low-priced product creators, and it shows in their marketing.

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3. They view FB as one thing: business. You don’t see these names posting pictures of what they made for dinner, or worse still, going on a public rant about something that spoiled their day. At best, these activities bring them down a notch or two. At worst, they slowly but surely destroy their brand and authority.

Of course there are exceptions. Becker will jump on FB VERY RARELY and do a personal post with pics of him in some exotic location, partying his ass off. But these posts just reinforce his personality and brand.

Pro Tip: If you can’t keep your personal posts tasteful and brand related, consider opening a 2nd account so you have 1 for personal and 1 for business. Most of us, myself included, have been guilty of mixing the two because it’s way too easy to do. But the long term effects can be hazardous to your business health.

BONUS: Yesterday’s post spoke of the hidden but very real costs of promoting affiliate offers. But sometimes even these big names will promote other products.

When they do, they do it rarely and they do it extremely well. They continue to build their own brand in the process, never sacrificing the integrity of their lists. And it goes without saying they only promote products that offer EXCEPTIONAL customer value.

Pro Tip: If you’re an affiliate marketer now or plan to be one in the future, consider limiting the number of products you promote. Choose quality and remember the long term value of your list. The extent to which people do this will vary based on the type of list, but realize this simple math: it’s not about how many products you promote, it’s about how much commission you earn. And you can OFTEN earn more by promoting a smaller number of products.

Can you copy these 3 simple strategies of some of the most successful online marketers of this generation? And by all means share any other top tips by either commenting here or on the FB page.

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