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3 Ways To Make InfoGraphics Work For YOUR Business

3 Ways To Make InfoGraphics Work For YOUR Business

We love sharing free tools and current trends that will help you with your business. So this post is about infographics: why they’re the latest and greatest tool online, and how you can incorporate them into your business. Better conversions, better marketing, more traffic and the best part? Creating them doesn’t have to cost a thing (see the video below).

Imagine how excited original video marketers were when they first got their hands on the tools to easily make videos before anyone else was doing it.

In those days, video was the top converting medium of choice. And while it still is, there’s a new kid on the block…

Infographics are all the rage these days and for a few solid reasons.

Firstly, they pack a LOT of info into a visually attractive, easily digestible format. They appeal to numerous senses and engage different aspects of learning so they get their point across very effectively.

Second, we’re in the age of information overload. People are TIRED of signing up for free offers that end up being 45 minute long videos or eBooks as long as a novel. That’s why cheat sheets, check lists and resource guides have become so popular as lead magnets. Now, enter the infographic, which gets across the vital info in the most compact package, and it’s no wonder people are snapping these up.

Third, as of now, infographics are about the most shared form of content online. People love images and these things are going viral all over the damn place!

Check out this brief video walk thru where I demonstrate a completely free online tool that you can use to create YOUR OWN infographics:

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create your own infographics, you might be thinking about ways you can use them in your business. Here are just a few suggestions:

Consider using them as blog posts for content marketing. Great for variety and to shake things up a bit. As easy as they are to share, they can do wonders for traffic.

Definitely consider them as a portion of a lead magnet, if not the whole thing. As mentioned above, people want content they can digest quickly, and these fit the bill.

Third, they make a great addition to info products, especially in place of the all too commonly used “mind map”. More variety, more fun, and they stand out.

It’s all about conversions in online marketing and currently, there isn’t a form of online content (next to video) that boosts conversions as much as a well-designed infographic.

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