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Video Marketing: 4 Insane (But True) Facts - The IM Rebels

Video Marketing: 4 Insane (But True) Facts

Video marketing is WAY more than a cultural shift. It’s quite simply become THE way people interact online.

Consider these 4 incredible facts about video marketing:

#1 – The Market

=> over 4 billion videos are viewed PER DAY on YouTube

=> over 8 billion videos are viewed daily on FB

According to YouTube, mobile video consumption is increasing at a rate of 100% year over year.

92% of mobile video viewers SHARE videos with others – it’s the easiest format to go viral with.

Last year, video accounted for 64% of ALL consumer internet traffic. And that number is projected to continually climb.

#2 – The Sales Potential

=> 64% of people say that watching a product video makes them more likely to buy

=> 90% of users report that videos help them make a purchase decision

=> 71% of MARKETERS say that video OUT CONVERTS any other type of content they produce

Bottom line?

Video, as part of your marketing message, increases sales and profits.

The writing’s on the wall.

#3 – It’s SO Easy

Thanks to modern tech, it’s easier to create videos today than ever before.
Without the need for expensive copywriters or designers.
Without high end software.

And without the need to even get on camera yourself => check out this example:

#4 – It’s The CHEAPEST Way To Drive More Sales

No need to hire experts or outsourcers. You can do it all with free or cheap screen recording tools, softwares and access to Google Drive.

All of the benefits, with NONE of the hassles or expenses.

Want to see how?

Let us show you here.

Up to FIVE times the conversion rates of standard sales pages.
Faster, easier and cheaper to create.

No fancy degrees in copywriting, design or computer science required.

Simply, THE fastest way to drive more profits from WHATEVER you have on offer.

For a limited time, 50% off our ALL INCLUSIVE video marketing masterclass.


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