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5 Largest Paid Traffic Sources

5 Largest Paid Traffic Sources

There are so many dodgy paid traffic sources out there that I wouldn’t touch if holding Lee’s hand. It is best to stick with one of the five largest paid traffic sources, start with a low budget and spend time studying training on that individual source before even starting.

Warning out of the way and now let’s take a look:

1) Google Adwords

Grand daddy of them all and largest platform. Target buyer keywords and start small.

2) Facebook Ads

Target the exact audience you want from age, gender, location, education, interests and more. Retargetting is also the biggest push of 2015 and we are working ourselves to study and implement full FB marketing campaigns asap. w

3) YouTube Ads

More and more marketers finding low to no competition advertising on YouTube and especially retargetting on their platform. This could be the high ROI you are searching for.

4) LinkedIn Ads

Target by job title and job function, especially if you are selling Business to Business or have professional niches, offline marketing or consulting.

5) Twitter Ads

Newest to the scene but picking up steam. Nice rhyme 😉 Target to specific interests, current events, followers and more. For email marketers and list builders, a new feature that allows them to enter their email in your ad without leaving Twitter. I am going to have to look more into that feature myself.

Before you jump head into paid marketing, take the time to study one platform and begin test campaigns and scale up gradually with profits.

With the right strategy and funnel, paid traffic sources have the ability to grow your business like no other ingredient.

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