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5 Steps To Email Marketing Mastery

5 Steps To Email Marketing Mastery

Do you ever open a marketing email and think, “damn, that is absolutely terrible”? C’mon, I know you do. Maybe some of these messages even make you want to reach through the screen…

To find even more of these brutal examples, head on over to your spam box. Plenty more will be waiting for you there.

But what about those rare occasions when you open a marketing email and think “wow, that is truly a great message”?

Sure it doesn’t happen often, so when it does, you should learn from it.

If you’re like the average North American adult, you receive, on average, about 147 emails each and every day. THAT’S A LOT OF MESSAGES!

And MANY of these are from marketers just trying to stand out in your inbox.

Let’s look at how aspiring CHAMPION email marketers can use this to their advantage.

My Five Steps to Email Marketing Mastery…

STEP 1: Create a secondary email address PURELY for research. Use this address to get on AS MANY marketer’s email lists as you can. When you’re served an ad on Facebook for a “free” marketing download, grab it and use this address.

In fact whenever you can find a way to get on a marketer’s list without having to spend a dime, do it! The “Free WSO” section of the Warrior Forum is another great way to make this happen.

Now, this advice flies in the face of most “traditional” advice you’ve likely heard. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite of what a lot of people will tell you.

Most would suggest you UNSUBSCRIBE from all the lists you’re on to avoid distraction and the temptation of shiny objects.

But you’re an adult. And this is for research, plain and simple. Of course you’re not going to be tempted by the crazy offers being fired your way every single day. You’re here to build your business, not to get led down some crazy path promising push button riches…

By getting on all of these lists, you’re going to be able to start your own PERSONAL library of subject lines, email bodies and calls to action: both good and bad. This is 100% free to do and is MORE VALUABLE to a budding email marketer than any paid course for one simple reason:

YOU decide whether you like an email element or not. Instead of having a pre-defined collection of so-called high converting subject lines crammed down your throat, you will PERSONALLY be selecting the ones that work for you.

This is huge. Because writing emails effectively is incredibly personal. You should always use your own words and write in your own style.


So by selecting email elements that resonate with you, and employing them yourself, you’ll send a more effective message to YOUR subscribers.

Conversely, by AVOIDING email elements that repulse you, you’ll never subject your list to those same elements.

Your subscribers are a reflection of you. They’re on your list because they like something about YOU. So by researching and selecting email elements with STRONG PERSONAL BIAS, you’ll become a much more powerful communicator to your own list.

Step 1 Summary: Get on lots of lists. Employ extreme personal bias when selecting which parts of emails you do and don’t like.

STEP 2: Create 4 notepad or text edit files on your desktop. Title them as follows:

=> Solid Subject Lines

=> Poor Subject Lines

=> Great Calls To Action

=> Weak Calls To Action

Now, this is where the fun begins. Each day as you get your daily litany of promotional emails to your secondary email account, start sifting. To make this easy, follow this simple step by step process:

FIRST – select ONLY those email subject lines that intrigue you and compel you to open up. Copy each of these subject lines and paste to your “solid subject lines” folder.

SECOND – copy and paste the worst subject lines into your “poor subject lines folder”. NOTE – a lot of these messages will only appear in your spam filter, but it’s important to grab the subject lines from those messages as well.

THIRD – whenever you read a call to action that actually makes you want to click, copy that and paste into your “great calls to action” folder

FOURTH – whenever you see a weak call to action that doesn’t motivate you at all, copy and paste that into your “weak calls to action” folder.

Within a week TOPS (provided you’ve signed up to a bunch of lists), you’ll now be armed with an AMAZING collection of good and bad subject lines and CTAs.

This 100% free research takes mere minutes per day and I can assure you VERY FEW email marketers are taking the time to do it.

But by simply collecting this raw data, you’re well on your way to becoming a better email marketer than 95% of the rest…

STEP 3: Use What Works! In time you’ll have a collection of great subject lines across a variety of IM niches. Rather than reinvent the wheel, just plug those in when you’re creating a promo email for a product in the same niche.

Same goes for positive calls to action. Use those that have appealed to YOU and made you want to take action.

STEP 4: Avoid What Doesn’t Work! All those subject lines that drove you bonkers or ended up in your spam filter? Study them! What words or phrases were the culprits, in your opinion? Avoid the same terminology in your own subject lines moving forward.

Exactly the same for those wishy washy calls to action that didn’t grab your attention.

STEP 5: Keep this practice up for 30 days. It may seem like a lot of work, so I’m not suggesting you do this long term. But if you can commit to 30 days, you’ll see enough good and bad examples to load your swipe files up with enough data to use moving forward.

IN CONCLUSION: Effective email marketing is part art, part science. I can’t teach you the art in one blog post. That comes with writing and practice. But the science? Follow the above 5 steps for 30 days and you’ll have that part of the equation HANDLED.

For some more simple steps on effective email marketing, be sure to check out this post from fellow IM Rebel Shane Farrell…

And if you’re really serious about learning email marketing, then this course is perfect for you.  It’s 7.5 hours of video training plus downloads, bonuses and live Q&A sessions.

Email Marketing Course



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