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5 Tips To Improve Your Listbuilding Funnels - The IM Rebels

5 Tips To Improve Your Listbuilding Funnels

Here are five really simple things that you can do to improve your listbuilding funnels today.  Some of them may seem obvious, others less so but all are easily implemented and will make your campaigns more profitable from the beginning. But before we get to the tips I want to make sure that we are on the same page with regard to what the desired outcome of your listbuilding campaigns are

I see a lot of people who are told to go build lists but have not been told why. Sometimes they are told half a reason. The most common one is that they should build a list to send shiny object launch promos to every day.

Now, there is nothing wrong with promoting good products but you must realize that this churn & burn approach will mean that you will be constantly looking for more subscribers. They will not grow to know, like & trust you.

So, here are the reasons you build a list…

1. To add leads into a sales funnel so you can turn them into YOUR customers
2. To develop an audience who know, like and trust you
3. To develop your customers into long-term repeat buyers

As I said, there is nothing wrong with promoting new products that others are releasing as an affiliate but that will only really be effective when you have developed your audience. So, with that been said, let’s look at some of the things I see people missing out of their funnels:

Tip #1: Cater To Mobile Visitors

More and more people are using phones and tablets to surf the net and that number is only set to increase. So, why on earth would you put up a non-responsive squeeze page?

Well, maybe people just don’t realize that their pages are not responsive. You can check obviously by looking at them on a mobile device or you can resize your browser window and see if everything resizes or not.

So, how can we make sure that they are responsive? If you have normal HTML pages that are not responsive, there is a guy on Fiverr who will fix it for you. In fact there are many but here is one I have used and did a great job.

If you don’t want to mess around with WordPress, and don’t want the hassle of an html website, then checkout Rebel Website Builder.  It makes websites that are perfectly responsive and the site builder is super easy to use and hosting is included for unlimited pages and unlimited websites. 

If you are using WordPress for you pages, use a good quality plug-in like  Instabuilder 2 or Profits Builder. Both of these make good looking pages that are mobile responsive. Neither are expensive for what they do and both work well.

Tip #2: Use A Redirect Page

This is all about getting off on the right foot with new subscribers. They say first impressions count and they are right. If you lose even a little trust in the subscription process, then that can taint a subscriber’s view of you moving forward. Here is what I see happening a lot…

Visitor hits the squeeze page and decides to subscribe. They are expecting a free product when they have done this – in fact the squeeze page has promised that. BUT…..They do not see a freebie – they are jumped straight to a paid offer. Often, the sales page they go to makes no mention that it is an optional offer and when they scroll down looking for the download link and all they see is a buy button, you have immediately lost a bit of trust.

Here is another thing I see happening…

Sometimes people just don’t have an OTO – a paid offer to present – and subscribers are automatically sent to the download page (or worse, the download automatically starts. Whilst this does not lose you trust it will lose you money. And – here is the worst bit – they could have put a made up email address in there and you just went ahead & gave them the gift anyway. Not good.

Here is the best way I know of resolving this.

I use a redirect page as my custom thank you page. A page that is shown for 5 or 6 seconds that actually tells the subscriber what is happening. Here’s what it looks like:
List Building Redirect

The circle image is animated and the subscriber is informed that they need to wait. They are also told that they will get their download link sent to them but not immediately. I want them to think there could be a slight delay because I don’t want them closing the browser and checking emails just yet.

Now, in my experience, with a delay of around 5 seconds, almost everyone will wait and see the offer. You actually have the autoresponder email going out with the download details immediately. That leads me onto my next tip.

Tip #3: Monetize Your Download Page

A common mistake is to include the actual download link in the email that goes out to the new subscriber. Do this and you are missing out BIG time! You are spending time & money getting these leads. You need to be monetizing at every single opportunity. You should send the link to your monetized download page in that first email.

You can use a simple page like this one with banners to related products (preferably your own products)

monetize your download pageAnother system that works really really well is the steps system:

download page exampleStep one, in this case, is an invite to a webinar. The product is a medium ticket one that earns good affiliate commission. Step two could be used for clickbanking links or to Pay Per Lead programs.

It is not until they get to step three that they get a download link.

You will see that there is a step 4 which is to sign up as an affiliate which is great if you have set your funnel up in a way that you can have affiliates driving traffic to get paid on the OTOs You can actually make quite a bit just off the download page which makes your funnel more profitable meaning you can use different advertising methods to drive traffic to it.

Tip #4: Promote Your OTO

If the point of gathering leads (or subscribers) in the first place is to find customers, then you should remind them about your OTO. I always think that a real “one time offer” is the best thing to present to people. I find I have far better conversions when the OTO has real scarcity attached to it. When I set up an OTO, I often set up two product listings – one at the regular price and one at a discounted price. The discounted price sales page also has a countdowntimer on it.

Subscribers are then able to grab a bargain. If they go back once the countdown has ended, then they are redirected to the full price page. So it makes perfect sense to promote it again in the welcome email. Also, it means that those who clicked away from the redirect page will have the opportunity of seeing it

Here is an example email for the new subscriber:

“Hi, Thank you so much for subscribing. I hope to pass on some very useful information with you over the coming weeks, so look out for my mails!

Anyway, here is your download link for your free report:


Oh, and don’t forget to grab “OTO NAME” within the next couple of hours while the special “subscribers only” discount price holds.

Here is the discount link again: YOUR OTO LINK HERE

Talk soon!”

Now, whatever other mails you have lined up in the autoresponder, you could put a PS at the end if the mail will be going out still during the scarcity countdown. Which leads me onto the last tip in this report…

Tip #5: Promote Your Own Products First

When people have a new list there is always the temptation to jump right on to the shiny object promotion bandwagon. There is nothing wrong with promoting good products when they are first launched as, mostly, there is a price advantage to buying during the initial launch period. Which is good for your subscribers, yes?

Well, maybe. But is it best for your business?

Let me ask you a question:

What do you think a business’ most valuable asset is?

The answer is its customer base. Before you start sending your leads off to be part of someone else’s customer base, do you think it would make sense to establish them as customers of yours first?

You want to be able to segment off your buyers in your autoresponder account and look after those people like they were made of gold.

Send them free stuff occasionally with no opt-in. Give them a discount coupon when you bring out a new product.

Yes, promote affiliate products but be very careful that you hand pick the products. In the meantime, every effort should be made to keep finding buyers from you leads lists. So, I suggest that you line up in an auto-responder sequence emails that will promote YOUR product before sending them to someone else’s.

You need to have at least 2 or 3 related products that you can sell to these people. Either products you have made yourself or high quality PLR or Resell Rights products.

Don’t forget to include a scarcity sales page with your “subscribers only” discount price for each product to get more conversions.


If you use Get Response and do send your subscribers to JVZoo affiliate offers, then make sure that you create a new buyers list. When you get your affiliate links, there is an option to have buyers go onto one of your GetResponse lists…so you can still separate off the buyers even when you send to an affiliate offer. Better yet create different lists based on product niches for even higher conversions. ie CPA, Email Marketing, Offline Marketing, Social Media, Traffic etc…

Have a list building strategy you are using that can help people increase their funnel profits? Would love to hear it in the comments!


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