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Backwards Product Creation: The CASE STUDY Wraps Up

Backwards Product Creation: The CASE STUDY Wraps Up

And AWAY we go! This is the wrap up of our CASE STUDY on reverse engineered product creation.

If you’re not sure or need reminding what this series about, in a nutshell, it’s about how to launch products in the POLAR OPPOSITE style of what most product launchers do.

Product creation LAST, and market research FIRST, is the ongoing theme of this series.
To get a complete picture of our take on reverse engineered product launching, here are links to the FIRST 2 posts in this popular series:

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And, as promised, here are the results. Let’s just say they far surpassed our expectations. I’m going to share my screen in the following video and take you behind the scenes of our exact set-up, execution and results:

Now, I recorded this video a day ago. As of the time I write this post, here are the most current statistics:

Total Unit Sales: 873
Total Revenue Generated: $ 12, 777.84
Total Paid To Affiliates: $ 8, 513.26

By our humble standards, not a bad little experiment.

We AIN’T Yellow Tail. We’re The IM Rebels. But this case study certainly proved that translating an uber successful business model in the OFF line world can pay dividends online.

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