[CASE STUDY] $107.70 in ClickBank Commissions With PPC

Wanted to share this little experiment I did last week. I have messed around with PPC marketing in the past like most of you probably have at one point or another. In the past I’d buy a new training, get all fired up, go buy tons of ads and lose a lot of money. Sound familiar?

I really don’t like doing keyword research and am not going to go out and buy any keyword research software because I don’t have the time to dedicate the real learning and constant campaign tweaking to give to it. Also, isn’t constantly changing small ads and landing pages and looking over rows of hundreds of keywords and percentages sound boring as heck? Does to me!

Anyways back to my experiment. I got suckered into buying a WSO and it was on Bing Ads and CPA offers. Typical WSO, nothing new but the author was showing all the $0.05 clicks he was getting so it got me curious and excited for instant riches as promised!!

So I decided to put up $50 to see what would happen…

I didn’t want to do any keyword research and I hate CPA offers since they often trick the buyer and I just don’t think many people should be marketing them. I went to ClickBank and started looking through products. I wanted something with fairly high payout, low refund and close to 100 on gravity or higher.

breakthrough rebel profits


One more key thing I had to have. In their affiliate resources, I wanted a list of keywords that I could upload and run with in Bing PPC. I found this and ran with it after searching through about a half dozen other offers and affiliate pages.

bing ppc case study

You can see they list their affiliate center in the description as most bigger vendors have also. The average sale was also high enough for me to test a lot of clicks on the offer. You can also see the refund rate is 0.00%. Nothing wrong with that! And the Gravity is showing 90 affiliates weekly are making sales.

Inside their affiliate platform, they list their other products which have keyword lists also.

keyword research

You can check it out here.

They gave me 630+ and then I trimmed that list down to just over 500 taking out obvious non buyer keywords and one’s not related to the offer at all.

Bing Ads is a very simple platform and pretty self explanatory. Few things I did when setting up my campaign.

1) Only showed ad to Tier 1 countries: United States, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia

2) Direct linked directly to the sales page. I would have changed this in the future and I’ll tell you why later.

3) Set my campaign budget to $10.00 a day.

4) Only showed ad to people on desktop computers.

After doing your initial set up and setting your ad live make sure you check your keyword bid prices. I had some that defaulted to a much higher price per click so I bulk edited them all down to $0.05 again. After 1o days I had only spent $29.35 out of my original $50 budget for this campaign. Here were the results:

text your ex

Not bad right? I spend $29.35 for to make $107.70 for a net profits of  $79.35 in ClickBank commissions!

rebel website builderEarnings Per Hop is what I am most concerned with. For each click I sent, I earned $0.12. Paying $.05 a click and actually profiting $0.07 per click. I stopped the campaign because I didn’t feel like going in and starting to delete keywords not getting and traffic or clicks and could see the EPH dropping down to $0.05 in another 10 days.

The number that scared me was the hops per order and order form impressions are out of whack. Converting at less then 1% isn’t going to scale long term unless I put serious effort in optimizing the campaign and I just don’t have the time or desire for that.

The biggest mistake I made is NOT sending the traffic to a squeeze page first to capture their email and then onto the sales page for the product. Had I done this, I could have captured at least 30% of those clicks from Bing and had a list of over 150 subscribers that I could have sent daily emails to and made WAY more than a hundred bucks.

So turns out you can make money from PPC direct linking to ClickBank offers in the laziest way possible.


Put in a little more effort and you could build a real business making ClickBank commissions daily with this method.

My main takeaways from this case study? What ever you do online, incorporate list building into it!

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2 thoughts on “[CASE STUDY] $107.70 in ClickBank Commissions With PPC

  • July 29, 2015 at 3:26 am

    Nice case study…your comment about buying a product, getting fired up, going out and putting up ads and wasting money made me laugh, been there a few times. Direct linking is tough but you are right, it can be a great way to list build to a squeeze page and occasionally you will make a sale on the front end. Good stuff.

  • December 4, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Great case study….Bing can be a great way to build your list with the method you are describing and the best part is many people will buy so often you end up building a list for free or at a slight loss but you gain the most valuable asset of all.


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