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How to Create FB Audiences From Videos and Why You Should Do It - The IM Rebels

How to Create FB Audiences From Videos and Why You Should Do It

Not long ago, Facebook released some new Ads features which are VERY awesome for marketers.

Now, you can create custom audiences from ANY video!  All you have to do is select which videos you want the audience to be created from, and then FB will create an audience for you from all the people who viewed your video!

If you’re not sure why this is such a cool thing, let me explain.

You can load your audiences into FB Audience Insights and get more detailed data about the people in that audience (must be over 1000 people to get insights)


You can create different audiences based on the different videos people watched.   So, for example, lets say I just created a new training on getting website traffic and I want to make some ads for it.  One thing I can do is create an audience from all of my videos about traffic and then send my ads to that audience.   The reason this is powerful is because I know for a fact that every person in that audience is:

  1. Warm  (they know who I am because they’ve seen one of my videos before.  So, I’m not selling to a total stranger)
  2.  Defiantly interested in the training topic.

These two things are very important when trying to sell things on Facebook.  It is much easier to get someone who knows you to buy, rather than a total stranger.  The only exception for this is, if you are known because you have a bad reputation, if this is the case, then its easier to sell to a stranger.

Check out this video where I show you how to create audiences from videos and how to target those audiences with ads




First thing you’ll need to do is go to your FB Ads Manager and go to FB Audiences

facebook audiences

Then you click on the  Blue “Create New Audience” button and select “Custom Audience”

create fb audience



Then Select “Engagement on Facebook”  and then select Video Views.   Also, I’ll point out here that if you have an email list you want to be able to get insights on and send retargeting ads to, then you can pick the first option “Customer File”  and you can upload all your emails and phone numbers and create a FB audience out of those people.

fb engagement audience

Next you’re going to select what type of engagement you want the audience to be made from, and  what videos you want to create the audiences from.

audience from fb video


Give it a name, save it and you’re done!   Next FB will ask you if you want them to create an audience based on your audience and if you watch the video above, you can see how this works.   I haven’t had a lot of luck with FB similar audiences in the past but I’m planning on giving it another shot soon to see if its improved at all.

There you have it!  How to easily create Facebook audiences from your video views.  If you run FB ads at all, and you have some videos on FB, then go in there now, to the FB ads manager and start creating your audiences from videos views so you can later use it for running high-converting, retargeting ads.  Plus, its always good to learn more about your audience, so don’t forget to use FB audience insights with your video audiences (after you’ve got at least 1000 in the audience).

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