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The Current Content Marketing Ecosystem - The IM Rebels

The Current Content Marketing Ecosystem

Today’s competitive business environment encourages companies to reach potential customers in multifaceted ways. It isn’t enough for businesses to use traditional advertising strategies. Publishing ads in the newspaper and phone book will not get the job done. Instead, you need a digital strategy that lets you reach consumers online.

A look at how much people trust various types of advertising confirms that the internet gives companies an advantage. In 2015, only 55 percent of people said that they trust ads in newspapers. In comparison, 68 percent trusted consumer opinions posted online.

Not all digital strategies will give you the same results, though. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is popular among many, but only 35 percent of consumers say that they trust the ads they see in search engine results.

Content marketing offers a more effective approach that lets businesses drive traffic to their websites, improve their brands, and convert visitors into buyers. Content marketing can also help companies save money, since PPC ads can get expensive.

Check out this research from CopyPress to learn more about the current state of content marketing. It shows some of the advantages and challenges of running a content marketing campaign. If you’ve thought about using the internet to make your business more competitive, you need to know these statistics before you invest money in marketing or advertising.

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