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Easy Content Creation - Automate It!

Easy Content Creation – Automate It!

It doesn’t matter if you are into blogging, or email marketing, or social media marketing, having good content is important.  But, coming up with good content all the time, on a regular basis can be very tedious and time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have lots of great content options delivered to you daily (or weekly)?

Good news!  You can, and for 100% free!

The first tool you can use is paper.li

All you have to do is sign up for an account (for free), and then enter in your keywords, websites, etc that you want to curate content from.

On this page click on “Manually select content sources”

paperli curate content


After you enter your keyword on the following page, then paper.li will give you a bunch of sources to gather content from:

automated content creation

Just go through and select which ones you want by clicking on the green + sign.

fast content creation

You’ll be able to pick from YouTube channels, Twitter Channels, website RSS feeds, Google + channels

Select some good ones (you can always make other papers later that have different keywords and sources) and then click on “Create my Paper”

Paper.li will take a little bit of time to collect all the information, and then it will put together a nice little “newspaper” based on the sources you picked.

It will look something like this with the options of looking at photos, videos, tech, business, science and more.

easy content creation

Find a video or article that has some good, helpful information, and put it in your own words and add your expertise and point of view and you’ve got some great content.

   Some other good ones you can use to curate content and get ideas for content are

Content Gemshttps://contentgems.com/  You can enter in multiple keywords and negative keywords, and they’ll search for the best content across the internet.  The free plan includes 2 interests, Monitor 1 Twitter account, 20 custom RSS sources and daily content suggestions.

LinkedIn Pulsehttps://www.linkedin.com/pulse/  All the top stories and articles will show up here and often the content is good quality.

Medium https://medium.com/  – A place where a lot of writers come and share their articles on lots of different topics.  Easy to find some great ideas there.

News.me  https://www.news.me/  – The top stories on FB and Twitter delivered daily to your email

Panda  https://usepanda.com  – top articles and content categorized by niche and website

And of course there is Google Alerts https://www.google.com/alerts  which will send you either emails or an RSS feed with all the top and trending content on Google (related to your keyword).  Be careful on how many updates you tell google alerts to send you.  If you set it to notify you “as it happens” you could get you inbox flooded with emails in a matter of minutes depending on your alert topic.

You Don’t have to use all of these sites and methods to get your content.  The best thing to do is to go through each of them, and see what each has to offer for your niche.  Some sites are better than others depending on your keywords.  The easiest one to use with the most options is Paper.li (which is why I spent more time on it in this article) but the others have useful options as well.

If you use something different to curate your content, comment here and let us know what you use and how well it works for you.


Here is an awesome keyword tool that you can use (for free) to help you with coming up with different keywords to use both for research and to use in your content.

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