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Email Marketing Automation Tips

Email Marketing Automation Tips

Your email auto-responder can do a lot more then collect subscribers and send out emails. You can use it to keep your lists targeted and move subscribers to different lists based on opt-in and buying behaviors.

Here are my simple email marketing automation tips…

Take a look at this screen shot from the three automation rules you can set in Aweber. If you use Get Response, the same email marketing automation rules are there, just worded slightly different.

email marketing automation rules

For my freebie lists I use the 2nd option, “Unsubscribe-on-subscribe” the most. Once a subscriber has bought a product from me, I market to them differently. So when they are added to the buyer list automatically via Warrior Plus integration, they are unsubscribed from the free list they were on.

Now I would send them affiliate offers as well and they are a proven buyer so I send a different mix of content as well versus my freebie lists which are mostly sales emails.

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