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Email Marketing List Segmentation

Email Marketing List Segmentation

If you segment your email marketing lists, you’ll get better results (MORE PROFITS) and here’s why: when you don’t segment your lists, then everyone gets all your emails…but everyone doesn’t want all your emails.

For example, if you are a dog trainer, you might have 3 lists:

…one for puppy owners (they need info on training their new puppy)

…one for adopted troubled dogs (they need training for how to help a dog get over being abused by its last owner)

…and one for dogs that have health issues (they need nutritional or health training)

The thing is, if you send all your subscribers all the information…

it won’t be a good fit, and you’ll get unsubscribers…

But send each person what they need…and then you will know exactly what to offer them.

Here’s how to do it:

Create a sub list with a certain need (for example, a list geared towards health needs of dogs) – and then send an email out to your general list offering them a free guide to their dogs’ nutrition.

The people who sign for that guide are now segmented as expressing interest in their dog’s health – and now you know who to send health-related offers to –

Then a week or so later, you can create another sub-list-maybe for people with adopted dogs – and you give away an “adopted dogs” guide – and this will get people on your list who have adopted dogs.

Over time, you will have a completed segmented list based on needs, then you can send your offers only to highly-matched leads, and conversion and retention rates will be much higher.

You can even automate this in your automated followup campaign, so when someone comes into your general list, over the first 10 weeks on your campaign, each week you create an opportunity for self-segmentation like this.

Above is the simple and easy way to do this. You can bring in more advance email marketing automation tools that Aweber and platforms like Infusionsoft. Then you can further list segment by ‘clickers.’

For example, if someone ‘clicks’ the link inside an email about ‘new puppy owners,’ it will move them to the list without having to do it like the above example of having them opt-in to a new list.

Then they will be on your general list and your segmented list or move them completely.

This simple list segmentation will increase your profits without having to constantly bring in new subscribers.

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