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Email Marketing Selling Without FEAR - The IM Rebels

Email Marketing Selling Without FEAR

Seems like email marketing list owners tend to go one of two ways…

First, you have the email marketers who blast their list with a steady stream of pitches. These guys and gals send promos to their lists every day, sometimes even twice a day.

You know what? That might work if your readers know it’s coming. (It’s all about setting the right expectations upfront.)

Then you have the list builders who’re afraid to sell anything, especially in the beginning. They’ve heard they should “build relationships” and “nurture” their list, but they take that to mean they shouldn’t promote anything for the first few weeks or even months.

Building relationships and nurturing a list are good ideas. However, not promoting paid products isn’t a good idea. Let me tell you why…

Imagine for a moment that you have a list for dog lovers, and one of the treatments you advocate is something to get rid of fleas. This treatment is a paid treatment – let’s say it’s $25.

But you don’t tell your list about this $25 treatment right away, because you heard you should “nurture” your list by providing free solutions. So you spend two or three weeks telling your list about all sorts of other flea treatments that people can use for free. You KNOW these treatments aren’t as good as that $25 treatment, but you’re trying to “nurture” your list.

So what happens?

Your subscribers are going to wander off in a matter of days and find someone who can solve their problems.

You see, your subscribers don’t care if you’re promoting free solutions or paid solutions: they just want to hear about the BEST solutions from you. And if you’re withholding that information just because the best solution is a paid solution, then you’re actually doing your readers a huge disservice.

Imagine if you knew the cure for cancer, but you didn’t tell your cancer-riddled subscribers about it because the solution cost money.

You’d never withhold that sort of information from someone who was dying, right?

Then don’t withhold solutions from your subscribers either.

Okay, so maybe your email marketing subscribers aren’t in a life and death situation, but their problems are still important to them. So give them the best solutions, even if those are paid solutions.

In short: Sell without fear – because anything less is disservice to your email marketing subscribers.

So let me share with you some tips for boosting your email marketing sales…

Write Compelling Subject Lines

It doesn’t do much good to pour your heart and soul into providing solutions if no one is opening your emails. Sure, once you develop a relationship with your subscribers, they’ll open your emails because they recognize your name and they associate it with high-quality content.

Until that point comes, however, they’re going to make a decision about opening your emails based almost solely on the strength of your subject lines. And that’s why you need to work on creating compelling subject lines that capture attention.

Generally, these are benefit-driven headlines which arouse curiosity (whenever possible or applicable).

For example:

  • Here’s the #1 secret for fast fat loss…
  • Who else wants to double their conversion rate? (See inside…)
  • Does this free mosquito solution really work?

One word of warning, however. Don’t create non-relevant subject lines, even if they’re super compelling. You can fool your readers… ONCE. But if they open your email to find that the subject line has nothing to do with the content inside, you won’t fool them again. They’ll simply stop opening your emails. (And that means no sales for you.)

Next up…

Hook Readers Emotionally

People make the buying decision based on emotion, which is why you need to engage readers on an emotional level. But even if you’re not selling anything, it’s a good idea to engage your reader’s emotions. That’s because engaging readers ensures they read your entire email, plus it makes the content more memorable.

One really good way to engage readers on an emotional level is by sharing stories. For example, you can tell a story of how someone who is very much like your readers overcame the same problem as your readers have.

Sharing this type of story demonstrates to readers that you understand the problem, and you understand their pain. It also reminds readers of their pain (AKA it “agitates” the problem). It can be beneficial to remind readers of their pain if you’re offering the solution. It’s like you’re saying, “I know this problem is frustrating – now here’s how to get rid of it for good.” You can then share advice or even a product to help them lessen the pain of their problem.

Which brings us to the last tip…

Provide Calls to Action

Before you write a single word of your email, think about your goal for this particular email. Then create a call to action at the end of the email that supports this goal.

A call to action is where you specifically tell people what you want them to do next. For example:

Click here to claim your copy of this exciting new product – but hurry, this special offer ends tonight!
Click here to join the Facebook Group – you’ll be glad you did!

You can make your call to action even more powerful by giving readers a good reason to click now.

You see, the problem is that if people don’t take action now, then they’ll forget to do it later. Life gets in the way. Your readers have to go to work, they have to take care of the kids, or maybe they just want to go fishing. The second their eyes leave their screens, your email will become a fading memory.

So create a call to action, and then create a sense of urgency. The first example above does exactly that with the last part (“…but hurry, this special offer ends tonight.”). Whenever possible, create urgency with:

  • A limited-time offer. (“Ends tonight.”)
  • A limited-quantity offer. (“This offer good for the next 100 people who act now.”)
  • A reminder of what will happen if they don’t take action. (E.G., “If you do nothing, your house will soon be over-ridden with fleas. They’ll be in your carpets, on your furniture, and even in your bed. Click here to get rid of them for good.”)

So, the bottom line for this secret is that you need to learn to sell without fear. Remember, it’s all about helping people, which means that withholding solutions is a disservice to your readers. So never be afraid to help, even if that means recommending paid products.

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