Exploring Different Types of Multimedia Content

It’s 2016, and basic blog content won’t work anymore. Audiences want to stay engaged and take quizzes, play games, and watch videos. Even the act of clicking around an interactive infographic draws more audiences and better results for companies than a static image or thread.

Businesses are also taking advantage of multimedia content. While these pieces cost more and take more time to create, they have a longer shelf life than traditional content and are better at driving traffic and lead generation. In fact, a company that invests in a piece of multimedia content can see results up to six months after the content’s launch.

So what kind of multimedia content attracts users?

Video content is the easiest to create, with brands creating engaging Vine and Instagram videos within a matter of hours. Anyone with a smartphone can create and edit quality video — or at least seemingly quality video. Interactive infographic content offers another content area that businesses on a budget can use. Consider creating a flowchart that draws audiences through a path and toward a resolution. Develop quizzes that test their knowledge.

One common misconception is that multimedia content is hard and expensive to create because the content requires more effort than the average blog post. However, strategic marketers can put something together with the help of creativity, their smartphones, and Photoshop.

Check out the infographic Exploring the Different Types of Multimedia Content below to learn more about what this content is and how you can put some techniques to work for you in your marketing.


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