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Free Website Traffic Generation

Free Website Traffic Generation

How about some free website traffic generation today? We were all once in a position where the idea of paying for traffic made our stomach uneasy. And even though we highly recommend you just give it a try (with proper funnel set up) because you will notice that you will make a good chunk of your money back the first day, make all your money back after a few days, and then profit throughout the rest of the funnel, if you don’t have the budget, that is fine.

We will tell you about the free website traffic generation method we used when starting out and still use today to generate free traffic to our squeeze pages web sites and sales pages.

Forum Posting

This is a “not so new” method of getting free traffic that we are sure a lot of you have heard about before, but very few people actually do it. We really have no idea why people don’t do this because it’s such an easy way to drive traffic to your website for free.

When we were trying to figure out how to build our lists, we bought countless WSO’s on list building and a couple of them said to post in forums.

If you have seen this as well and just skipped past that section because you didn’t believe you can really generate much traffic at all through simply posting in forums a couple times per day, you are wrong! Don’t worry, we all thought that too.

Once we started to consistently post in the Warrior Forum we noticed the power of making a couple high quality posts every single day. If you want to build your list as quickly as possible, forum posting should be part of your everyday strategy.

Finding Forums

If you are in the internet marketing niche, the only forum you really need to join is WarriorForum.com.  Yes, there are other internet marketing forums out there, but The Warrior Forum generates the most traffic by far.

We know some of you are motivated as heck though to get traffic that builds up over time and only gets more effective the more you post.

So here are a bunch more forums for you to check out:

If you are in another niche, you might want to find a couple forums to join.  Finding forums is actually really easy.

You can use Google to help you find forums.  Just head over to Google and search “Your Niche + Forum”.  Once you search that, Google will return a bunch of forums. Go through them and figure out which ones are the most active and join the most active ones.

find forums

However, before you join make sure they allow you to leave a link in the signature.  Most of them will but there are a few that won’t allow it.

Adding Your Signature

Before you start making posts, you want to leave a link to your squeeze page in your signature that way below each post you make there will be a link to your squeeze page, blog post or landing page, which will get exposed to thousands of people.

Here is an example of what my signature link looks like in The Warrior Forum.

warriorforum signature

That simple signature has been responsible for driving a couple thousand visitors to my sites over time.

You Know More Than You Think

It seems like each time we tell someone they need to start consistently posting on forums, they always tell us “but guys, I don’t know enough to help out other people.”  Feeling like you don’t know enough is not an excuse for not posting.

We can guarantee you that you know a lot more than you think.  If you browse through some of the threads in Forums, you are going to find some threads you can post in and give your input.

The main problem is some people just lack confidence and are afraid they are going to give their opinion and then have others start an argument with them and tell them they are wrong.

Unless you say something completely false and start spamming the forum, this isn’t going to happen.  Forums are meant for opinions, sure there might be times where someone doesn’t agree with you, that happens to me all the time, but as long as you aren’t rude to them they won’t be rude to you.

If you feel like you REALLY don’t know anything about your niche, then you can still do forum posting. Just make sure you do a little bit of research before you make a post.  There’s nothing wrong with going to Google to look up an answer and then reporting back with what you learned.

So don’t let the fear of “not knowing anything” or the fear of getting in an argument on the forums stop you from making daily posts.

Post On New Threads

If you want to get the most out of your forum posting, you should try to post on new threads that don’t have many (if any) replies yet.  If you are one of the first three responders to a new thread, you have a much greater chance of someone reading your response which means they will be exposed to the link in your signature.

If 10-15 people have already replied your reply will get stuck somewhere in the middle and most people don’t read that far down which means they won’t see your reply/signature.

Value, Value, Value

We think this could go without saying, but we are going to say it anyways because it is extremely important.  When you make your posts, you need to make sure you are actually adding value to the forum.  Don’t just go out and make as many short little posts as you can, that’s not really helping anyone.

Make sure you actually read the persons question and then do your best to give them a researched answer or chime in with your opinion.

Your Forum Posting Strategy

The thing we love about forum posting is that it doesn’t take long to do at all and we actually find it kind of fun.  You get to engage with others who have the same interests as you and drive traffic to your squeeze page at the same time, sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

So how many times per day should you be posting in a forum?  We would say to make about 10 high quality posts every single day.  10 posts does not take a long time at all once you learn the rhythm and general questions being asked in a niche forum.

To make it easy, break it up: few with coffee in the morning, few right when you get home from work and then while watching TV at night answer a few more questions in a forum.

Once you make 10 posts for 7-10 days, you will see how much traffic you can actually drive to your squeeze page on a daily basis.

So if you are like us and you have always put aside forum posting and said it’s not for you, we challenge you to try it for just one week!

Make 10 posts every single day for one week and watch how many new subscribers you get. After that week you can decide whether or not it is something you want to continue with. Once you see how many new subscribers you got from doing it (For FREE by the way!) we am sure it is something you will want to continue doing.

So free website traffic generation really is as simple as that!

If you are SET on not paying for any traffic right now, make sure you stick to the forum posting strategy.  When forum posting is done properly it can be very powerful.

Learn what we do with this traffic using our effective and actionable ‘3 step process’ here.


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