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Gee Whizz Mr. Marketer, Your BS REALLY Stinks

Gee Whizz Mr. Marketer, Your BS REALLY Stinks

If you’re anything like me, you get dozens of marketing emails daily. Fair enough.

Many from people you know. Heck, maybe you’ve even bought a product from some of them, so it’s obvious why you’re on their list.

But in many cases, you’re getting hammered with promos from people you’ve never even heard of. Can’t remember for the life of you ever subscribing to ANYTHING they’ve offered.

Welcome to the brave new world of affiliate and email marketing. Where email addresses get shared and traded like hockey cards (I could have said baseball, but I’m Canadian)…

All this is still well and good. Personally I enjoy being on all these lists. I take the good, bad and ugly from every email I get and learn from it. So I know what works and what, well, sucks. But that’s not the point of this post.

Today I’m more interested in just how legit some of these marketers are.

Ever ask yourself how 1 person can honestly review one (or sometimes MORE) products each and every day and send them your way? Okay, I can see a review per day, if it’s a full time marketer.

But how about those people that hammer you every day and promise they’re actually using the product they’re pushing?

Really? You’re using 7 new products each week and EVERY ONE of them is making you money?

If that’s the case, why the hell are you emailing me? You should be sipping Mai Tais on a beach somewhere, in between putting these 365 new money making techniques you pick up every year to use.

But what REALLY freaks me out is the absolutely outlandish claim. Consider the marketer that hits you up with the usual stuff. List building, traffic, CPA, affiliate marketing products.

All legitimate niches. USUALLY, realistic claims. $50 per day with CPA, cool free traffic sources, how to build a profitable list, etc. And hey, I can’t argue with a marketer who promotes a list building product to me, can I?

Obviously that marketer HAS a list, otherwise I’d never hear from them! So at least, in that respect, they’re practicing what they’re preaching…

Where things get crazy is when the marketer I hear from many times a week goes WAY OUT ON A LIMB. Promoting something that promises something stupid, like 300K per month.

In fact that just happened to me recently.

Now I’ve just GOT to ask. If you’re ACTUALLY using a product that promises to make you 300K EACH month AND it’s working, why the HELL are you even bothering to email me?

Surely the ten, twenty or even fifty bucks commission you’ll make if I buy the product doesn’t even enter the equation.

So I’m calling bullshit. Right now. Bullshit on those marketers that jump from pushing real world products as discussed above, to pushing products promising INSTANT MILLIONS in 7 days or less.

I mean, c’mon. I’m gullible. I love the infotainment. But I’m not COMPLETELY stupid.

And something tells me you ain’t either.

So why the heck do these marketers treat us as though we are?

Time to recalibrate our collective BS metres, methinks.

Fact is, there IS a legitimate, ethical side to affiliate and email marketing. One where you can share real value and still make a profit.

Want to learn the ETHICAL side of affiliate marketing? Get more details here.

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