Getting Scammed Buying Solo Ad Traffic

If you buy enough solo ads, funnel clicks or exit clicks on the Skype rooms or Facebook groups, there will come a time in which you get burned!

It happened to me for the 2nd time over hundreds of solo ad traffic buys.

Luckily this time I was only testing 100 Exit Clicks from a new seller for $15. The first time back in September it was $30 for 100 Solo Ad clicks.  As I did back then, I filed a dispute with PayPal but I will most likely lose this one also because PayPal does not negotiate digital goods.

Even though there is proof upon proof of dozens of angry buyers in the groups, I will kiss that $15 good bye but at least I am making a little work for the scammer by making them answer the PayPal dispute questions.

So what can you do to help prevent yourself from getting scammed into buying bad traffic?

A few things that I’ve picked up over the years…

1) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! (This goes for more than just buying traffic in the IM and real world)

The last mass scammer that hit the groups was selling traffic at unreal prices, $100 for 500 clicks. I know a bunch of people he got but I passed on this. Low, low prices raise a huge red flag.

2) Ask to see a solo ad sales page. Most scammers won’t go through the trouble of making a separate site to sell traffic. Make sure there are a bunch of testimonials on the site and from people that are active in the FB and Skype solo traffic groups. Look for testimonials with specifics; Opt-In Rate, Tier 1 %, Back End Conversions, Time Frame. If I see a bunch of general testimonials saying what a great guy the seller is, I move on.

3) Don’t be in a rush. Its not do or die to get traffic to your site that instant. I’d rather wait another day for a trusted seller to have a spot open before jumping on the first ad I see.

4) Check for testimonials! Use the FB groups set up for this purpose: My favorites:

Solo Ads Testimonials

Clickbanking Testimonials

Solo Ads Black List

Clickbanking Blacklist

The only tried and true method of protecting yourself that I have seen multiple people mention and say they have used is to pay with each individual order with a credit card. Credit cards will often reverse the charge for customers when PayPal will not.

If you do run across a scammer while buying solo ad traffic, bring it to the attention of the groups so others can avoid the person and they are removed from the groups.

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