How About Some List Building Secrets?

Everyone claims to have list building ‘secrets’ of one sort or another. Just head over and browse product titles in W+ or JVZoo. But really now, when is the last time people started sharing secrets to hundreds and thousands of people just to try to make a few bucks?

I still buy training’s as I believe in continually growing and learning. And I do run across new list building tips that I haven’t heard before.

Let me share some of these list building ‘secrets’ you can apply to your business today.

1) Exit Pops

Seen these sold as a secret before believe it or not. No matter what you think about them, exit pops WORK. You can capture an additional 10-20% of traffic and subscribers that would have left your site. Just set up a simple HTML one or use a WP plugin. Offer your exiting visitor a different offer and then put into the same back end funnel.

2) Thank You/ Download Pages

For the love of god, use these page, especially in freebie list building. The list building secret comes in monetizing these pieces of valuable funnel real estate. On your Thank You page, offer a “tripwire” offer to move the subscriber to your buyers list. On your Download Page, place relevant paid affiliate offers.

On download pages for paid products I often see conversions as high as 20% of visitors who will buy an accompanying affiliate product. Don’t leave money on the table and monetize these pages!

And my last list building secret for today…

3) Use Multiple Traffic Sources

If you continue to get traffic from the same source, it tends to burn out over time. Solo ads used to be hyper-effective but this past 12 months, it has become very, very hard to turn a profit from solo ads alone. Look for sources of traffic where other marketers aren’t!

I talk about my favorite list building traffic sources here. Check it out!


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