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How Dating Can Make You A Better Copywriter

How Dating Can Make You A Better Copywriter

Seriously? Am I ACTUALLY encouraging you to date? Damn right I am! Even if you’re married, take your spouse out on a date. Not only will it do wonders for your relationship, it just might teach you a few things about creating amazing sales copy.

How, you might ask? First impressions. You remember your first date with someone special, right? How much time you spent getting ready, picking the best outfit, dolling yourself up and coming up with some killer topics for discussion?

Same goes for your sales copy and even emails. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING.

84% of people will decide whether to continue reading your sales letter or email based on your headline or subject line alone. Let’s hit ‘em where they live and spend AT LEAST as much time on this crucial aspect as we ever spent getting ready for the hottest date in our lives, okay?

Before you even decide on a headline or email subject, you gotta decide on your market. Niche this down to as specific an audience as possible so you’re targeting the most receptive possible crowd.

Once you’ve done this, consider applying the following TOP TIPS for killer headlines:

1 – Ask a question. Arouse curiosity from the very start WITHIN your headline.

2 – Get SPECIFIC. Mention specific results AND time frames that can be achieved with your product

3 – Lead With Proof. Nothing sells better than a headline that states specific results achieved by using your system or suggested method

4 – Be controversial. State an obvious contradiction or blatantly disagree with a widely held belief. The whole point of the headline is to arouse curiosity, and this works like a charm

5 – Insult them. Seems harsh, but often headlines that boldly tell people why they’re failing actually get higher engagement. It’s a bit of a shock factor and is so different from what many marketers do that it stands out from the crowd.

And there ya go. 5 tips for creating headlines or email subject lines that will get noticed, meaning you’ll have engaged readers following the rest of your message.

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