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How "Detail-Itis" Can Cause An Inflammation In Your Bank Account

How “Detail-Itis” Can Cause An Inflammation In Your Bank Account

In medical (more accurately Latin) terms, “itis” refers broadly to inflammation. Thus the headline.

“Just get it out there.” “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” And all those similar sayings. Sure, they’re designed to get you to take action. Which is good.

What isn’t good? Not double checking the details.

Not paying attention to details costs money.

I’ve heard countless marketers say they’re not worried about spelling or grammar mistakes in their emails. And you know what a percentage of their readers do when they read those emails? Cringe. Lose respect. And toss away any perception of AUTHORITY these marketers had in the first place.

Because if you’re firing out an email with the purpose of making money and don’t have the patience to do a spell check, what message are you really sending? That you don’t value me enough as a subscriber to do a simple little online check.

The very best email marketers I know triple check everything before sending. They don’t send dead links. Their spelling and grammar are beyond reproach. They leave nothing to chance as they don’t want to distract the reader in any way from the message itself.

For product launchers creating sales copy and JV pages, detail-itis takes on a whole new level of financial pain.

Sure, many marketers checking out JV pages may ignore a spelling mistake. But get a major detail wrong? That’ll cost you BIG TIME.

Don’t get the launch time right? Thousands of possible prospects get sent the message at the wrong time.

Screw up on the pricing? Watch out.

Let’s say you forget to mention on your JV page that you have an early bird going for the first few hours. So affiliates that THINK they’re making $17 per sale are only making $10. Quick way to burn a LOT of bridges, and good luck ever getting those affiliates to promote again.

Details. Itis. Go together like cash and your bank account.

How about the sales copy? Let’s talk scarcity. Is the product going away after a certain time? Or did you forget to pull it off the shelves? Is the price jumping after X amount of days? Or did you forget that too?

All the work you’ve put into the copy AND your affiliate emails are wasted efforts if you forget to follow through.

Pissed off customers. Affiliates who’ll never promote for you again. Detail. Itis. Less money, in your bank account.

And let’s not forget the product itself. Product launchers spend huge dollars on copywriters to position their product perfectly. To position themselves as authorities. And then destroy that credibility by not using an online spell checker inside the product itself. Sad. Such an easy fix. So often neglected.

Your prospects and customers SEE YOU as an authority. And if your product is solid, you’ll build on that authority. But one little spelling or grammatical error is enough to blow that authority right out of the water for many people.

This stuff is free. The tools are online. Likely in whatever content processor you’re already using. So why not?

If you don’t think this is important, consider this. Let’s say you have a product revolving around paid ads. And you’re discussing costs per click.

You quote in your product a cost of 5 cents per click. Then you spell click like “klick”. How much trust do you think you’ve just lost with your customer?

If they can’t trust your spelling, how in hell are they supposed to trust your math?

Get a proofreader. Use the tools. Don’t blow your authority out the window just as you’re starting to build it.

I challenge you RIGHT NOW to check out a product from a TOP, seriously quality online marketer. Doesn’t even matter if it’s a completely free lead magnet.

You’ll notice something. Perfect spelling. Perfect grammar. This did NOT happen by accident. They put time and resources into presenting their product in the best possible light.

Is it a coincidence they’re at the top of their game?

I doubt it.

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