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How to Curate Effectively - The IM Rebels

How to Curate Effectively

The rise of social media has lead to improvements in digital tracking to better understand the customer journey and purchase path. We can now see that customers interact with brands multiple times on a variety of platforms before making their final decision. This means marketers need to prepare to meet customers where they are and communicate with them on their terms. This is where curation comes in.

Almost 75 percent of Americans are on at least a social media site and 30 percent report reading news on social media every day. Ignoring this crucial opportunity to connect with audiences — or failing to launch an effective strategy — can hold back businesses and drive away customers.

For the most part, marketers agree. A reported 80 percent curate content on a regular basis, but marketers believe it produces results. Too often, this is because the curation process lacks a cohesive strategy or plan for measurement.

We created this infographic, How to Do Curation, in an effort to show brands how they can form a trackable and scalable curation strategy. Marketers can start with a handful of shares per month, and then work their way up to daily shares and regular engagements. By the end of the process, they will be able to create effective editorial calendars around curation and form partnerships with industry peers.

The key to successful curation is understanding why it’s important in tracking its success. Without a plan from start to finish, it’s easy to get distracted or give up hope, leaving your plan and social media presence dark and abandoned.


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