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How to Set up a Professional Sales Funnel - NOT!

How to Set up a Professional Sales Funnel…NOT

Sales funnels are a very important part of internet marketing

but far too often I see people botching up their funnels. Now I’m not going to claim that all of our sales funnels are perfect because they’re not, but we’ve got enough experience to spot a bad funnel.

One quick-tell of a bad funnel is having too many different offers inside. Before I get into showing you a horrible funnel, stop to think about the last time you bought something online. After you finished checkout, how many more things did the seller try to get you to buy before delivering your purchase? If you bought something from a site like Amazon, then you’ll always have their recommendations of what else you should buy popping up everywhere, but they don’t ever delay the deliver process to make you watch ads first.

If the last thing you bought was an IM product, then the chances are you had to go through one, two and maybe even three other sales pages before you could finally get to your download page.

Having up-sells, down-sells and cross-sells are ok in a funnel as long as you don’t overdo it (like you see Billy doing in the video below)

Now before I start, let me say this is nothing personal against Billy Darr. He seems like a nice guy and I’ve got nothing against him, I’m just critiquing his sales funnel in a very blunt manner. Most IMers out there wouldn’t dare to take the chance at offending another IMer because everyone wants everyone else to promote their products when they launch.
We use paid traffic to drive our sales, so we’re never worried about affiliates not mailing for us and don’t really care if someone doesn’t like what we say. We’re the IM REBELS…we shoot straight and don’t pull punches.   We’re not out to hurt feelings though, we’re out to spread truth!

Without further ado, here is my video walk-through of:

A great example of a bad funnel.

Auto Cash App – by Billy Darr, Justin Opey, and Andrew Naser

Yup, you saw it with your own eyes! 17 Products in one funnel! It must have taken someone all day setting that funnel up in Warrior+.

I guess you could look at the massive funnel from the perspective of, “even if only a few people buy the products in the funnel, its money made that you wouldn’t have made if you didn’t have it in your funnel”. But in the long game, the more professional you are about things, the further you’ll go. You’ll never see guys like Ryan Deiss or Sam Bakker send people through a 17 page funnel, and there is a good reason for it.

If you look at what the pros are doing, they almost never have more than 2 to 3 upsells and if they have a downsell, its a “lite” version and not the full version for a cheaper cost.

So take heed, and keep your funnels SMALL, FOCUSED and Logical. Don’t create massive sales funnels that send people through all different types of upsells and down-sells and cross sells. Use your email marketing to follow up with your other offers (and not all your offers at the same time. Check here for email marketing strategies).

If you’re wondering about the FE product in Billy’s funnel,  Auto Cash App, all it does is syndicate posts to a few different accounts (you can see in my video above which ones it posts to) in an attempt  to get back-links for ranking your videos that have affiliate offers.   IMO don’t waste your time with it.  There are security issues with it, plus, you’re better off using ifttt or zapier because you can syndicate to a lot more accounts and sites, plus its free. If you want to see our free method for using IFTTT and Zapier to syndicate pretty much any type of content to a massive number of sites, then you can check out this course (and use this link for a 50% discount)

Again, this is not an attack on Billy or any of the Auto Cash App team.  Billy is not on our IM Douche-bag list .  Yes, we are starting a Douche-bag list of IMers you need to avoid called “Snake Oil Salesmen” or SOS  for short. — The IM Rebels are here to expose the wolves hiding among the sheep.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming training (launching soon on Udemy) which has a big section on how to maximize your funnel profits.

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