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How to Get Insights about your Subscribers for Free

How to Get Valuable Insights About Your Email List

How to Get Valuable Insights on Your Email List

2 Ways to get data about your subscribers

Email marketing can be extremely profitable if the list is handled correctly. Many people fail at email marketing because they lack understanding about their subscribers, and they never really connect with their list.

One of the main factors in being a successful email marketer is being able to relate with the subscribers. But how can you relate if you know nothing about them?

If you have a Google Analytics tag on your page, then you’ll be able to get information about all the people visiting your website, but if you just use the general analytics tag, you won’t specifically be getting information about the people who opt in.

I’m going to show you two ways that you can easily get details on all the people who sign up to your email list and both ways are easy to set up and 100% free.

Its much easier to watch how its done rather than me try to explain it, so watch this video where I show you two ways to easily get insights into your email list.

So there you have it! Two ways to easily get data about your subscribers! One is for getting data on all your current email lists, and one is a way to get data on all your future ones.

But, this is just part of the the first step in running a profitable email campaign, and if you’re interested in learning the A-Z’s of being a successful email marketer, then it’s your lucky day!

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And if you want to get more traffic to grow your email list, we’ve got that covered in the course as well, but if you’re not ready to get the email marketing course yet, here is a free report on 3 free sources we use to drive traffic for sales and opt ins.

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