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How To Get Paid EVERY DAY Online

How To Get Paid EVERY DAY Online

In this world of distractions and “busy work”, it’s amazing anyone gets anything done anymore.

Especially those of us that are self-employed. But with a couple of tricks, it IS possible to get paid each and every day online, provided you’re willing to stick to a loose plan.

On this particularly sunny and GORGEOUS August 4th, here’s what I managed to accomplish before relaxing to share this post:

=> created 3 promotional emails for 1 client
=> created 4 promotional emails for another client
=> wrote short copy for yet another client
=> thoroughly researched a new product and niche I knew nothing about so I’m in a position to fulfill an EXTENSIVE contract next week for a new client
=> created complete front end sales copy for a new team product

How on this green earth could an undisciplined guy like me with a lovely young girlfriend just begging for attention manage to pull this off in one day?

Focus. Tiny bit of discipline. And a very loose plan.

First, I have a couple of partners that I’m accountable to. Shane is a tireless workhorse who always leads by example and gets a list like the above done before breakfast.

Bryan is both a creative and technical genius who is always coming up with new plans to build our mutual business.

So I’ve got accountability working for me, which is nice. But what else?

Well, I really liked this post from Shane on moving at 150 miles per hour.

Then, forgetting humility, I follow my own advice on this post on productivity.

What’s it all mean for you? And how can YOU be sure to get paid each and every day?

Consider the following simple tips to get paid everyday online:

=> Tackle the most challenging tasks of your day FIRST. Putting them off makes them harder, doing them FIRST makes everything else a cake walk.

=> Turn off ALL distractions when working, ideally in no more than 1 hour bursts. And I mean everything. See the video in the post above for more detail.

=> Do the little things that lead to short term cash first.

=> Then move to the bigger projects that will yield longer term earnings.

=> Only then should you move to big picture stuff that may or may not yield any return, because that stuff’s so far off you really don’t have any idea if it’ll pan out yet or not!

=> Reward yourself for every accomplishment AS SOON AS YOU’VE COMPLETED IT.
Get a productive task done in an hour? Break time. Busted out 3 key tasks before noon? Take a SWEET lunch break. You earned it.

Work, treat. Focus, relax. And be amazed at how easy it is to get so much productive, PAYING stuff done in a single day.

And remember … this is NOT about how many hours you put in. Those types of bragging rights are solely amateur hour.

This is ONLY about results. Up your productivity and focus, and you’ll crush the competition while working half days at best.

But DAMN, after all that, I didn’t get around to cleaning my condo. And with family visiting in a couple of days, that’s going to become a priority tomorrow…

Got some of your OWN tips to share? Love to hear ‘em! Feel free to comment below or post up on our Facebook page.

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  • August 6, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    Great post Mark! I love this kind if stuff and great information for a guy like me who is about toe embark on the self employment journey.


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