How To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions By 200%

Are you an affiliate all out of ideas on how to increase your affiliate commissions?

You’ve tried all the techniques but they just didn’t bring the results you had hoped for?

Most importantly: Do you want to bring your affiliate business to a whole new level of success?

What sets super affiliates apart from the average affiliates are their commissions that are in incredibly high numbers. So, what is it that they do to achieve this? What is the “extra mile” that they go to garner so much sales?

It was a secret. And now, the secret’s out.

The best part however, is not that. The best part is that you can do this, too. In fact, anyone can if they’re willing to do it. And it can be prepared in within 3 days!

The secret is this: Bonus deals.

Those two words will change your affiliate business forever.

Why Bonuses?

Imagine joining an affiliates contest and you have to compete with other affiliates who are selling the same product as you do. They’re using the same methods as well, so what sets you apart from them? How do you get people to buy from you instead of them?

Perhaps you can write a better copy than they do and perhaps you have more subscribers, which are all great, but why not give an extra boost in your sale by offering the customers what your competitors don’t?

Bonuses are to push a customer into making a purchase. Sales can be greatly improved when the customers can obtain something that is of more value than its price. And bonuses add more value to the deal. The bonuses are usually worth more than the value of the product.

By having bonuses that are really valuable, the customers would flock to you instead of other affiliates even though you’re selling the same thing as they are.

Bonuses are to give the extra push for the customers to be convinced. Sometimes the features and benefits of the product and a well-written copy are just not enough to close a sale.The customers could get the exact thing anywhere else so it’s not that special.

And it is not uncommon for a customer to want more than they pay. Even though the main product is what they might really want, but no one can turn down a bargain for something extra.

So, what does it take to have an irresistible bonus deal?There are three elements a bonus should have.

Bonus Criteria

To have a truly captivating bonus, they have to fulfill these next few criteria. It’s not as complicated as you’d think but still, these criteria are crucial. A bonus deal wouldn’t really work without them.


The first and might be the most important element in a bonus is that it is relevant to the original product. It must be something that is serves as an extension of the original product or an upgrade.

The bonus must be congruent. It must be something that is something in the line of the original product. If it were not, it wouldn’t be attractive enough and the customers wouldn’t be interested. Remember that the customers who are looking at the bonus are the same customers who are looking at the original product.

This means that they are attracted to the same thing. If the bonus of the product were something that is totally unrelated, it would be easy to ignore.

For example, if you were selling a Photoshop tutorial video and the bonus of the product is a digital audio workstation, it wouldn’t really work. Of course, a digital audio workstation is very expensive and it might intrigue a few, but not the ones whom you are targeting.

The bonus should something the target buyer would want or need. When they are looking at a designing tutorial, they’re not looking for a software to compose music.

A product that would be more apt here should be something that a designer would want. It should be something that would help a designer because they are the ones you are targeting for this particular product. Perhaps, it could be a designing tool or templates.

It can be anything as long as they are appealing to your target audience.

In addition, what if the customer is a newbie who would like to learn new things? It would be even more confusing if the bonuses that you’ve provided were not congruent to the product itself.

That’s why a bonus must be congruent to the product.

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Worth 5 Times More Than The Product

For a bonus to be truly irresistible, it has to be a great bargain. It has to be a deal that would give a big push to a customer for them to make a purchase.

In order to do that, you’ll need a bonus that is worth 5 times more than the original product.

It might seem like you are losing by doing this because you are giving away something very valuable as you are pricing it lower than it should have. But this way, you will close down a big number of sales more than your product alone can.

It’s normal to have a bonus so valuable that the customer purchases the product just for the bonus. The most important thing here is that sales are being made.

The goal is to find a bonus so great that it’s able to carry the product and not the other way around. Even if it’s worth more than 5 times the product, it’s even better.

If you were a product vendor at the same time, you could compile the product you’ve launched before to make up the price. This way, you can save some time in preparing your bonuses, because all you need to do is to upload the products without creating any new ones.


It would be a big plus if the bonus couldn’t be found elsewhere. This is because exclusivity would add more value to the product. When you are offering something that is not easily found anywhere, as a bonus, no less, it would be hard for someone to turn it down ensuring a high amount of sales.

Remember that when it comes to bonuses, it’s about setting you apart from other affiliates and their offers. There are many of them who sell the same thing as you do. If you really want to be different from them, you have to offer customers what other affiliates don’t.

If you offer something mediocre, it wouldn’t be great sell because there’s nothing extra for the customers.
Types of Bonuses

Bonuses can be in many forms. The form doesn’t matter but what’s important is that the contents are congruent to the main product. Or, if it’s a tool, it is usable for the people who are interested in the main products.

The following are the common forms of bonuses.

Special Report

Special report can also be in many forms. It could be an interview with a person of credentials to talk about the product or it could be something that relates to the product.

For example, there are self-help books that give a transcript of an interview as a bonus. In the interview, they talk about dating, of course, and the interviewee share some expert insights on dating. These kinds of reports, however, are a bit hard to retrieve let alone obtained for selling purposes.

These special reports can be included in the actual product but because it’s a whole new aspect of the topic, it would work better as a standalone product, which is the bonus. There is congruency between the product and the bonus, but it’s not really holistic.

These special reports should be something that is extra (i.e. bonus). That is the feeling that the users should have upon seeing these bonuses. That is how it gets its value.

The report you are reading now is one of the examples. You can write about topics related to the main product, a case study, or the first steps in doing something.

A special report shouldn’t cover as much details as a product. Special report serves as a teaser for the reader; you don’t show the whole picture in a special report. If the readers are interested to learn more, they have to buy the product. This is how a special report works.


Another great bonus that you can consider to be included with your product is videos. It could be anything from a tutorial video to a guide or even extra knowledge for the users of your product.

Nowadays, people are more exposed and, in some cases, more comfortable with a visual experience than printed words. This is especially good if your product is a tutorial or a lesson.

Sometimes, especially with a complex product, visual aid is needed. When it comes to learning something step-by-step, nothing is compared in terms of effectiveness to a video. The user is far more comfortable with it and it’s not as taxing as reading a thick and heavy book.

Using videos as a bonus to an e-book product is a tremendous advantage. E-books can be a chore for the users sometimes and it’s always great to provide them with something to alleviate the heavy task of studying its contents.

By offering videos, you are also increasing the value of your product. A video does wonders when it comes to helping the user to have a deeper understanding on a topic; hence, it is what they after most of the time. And the main purpose of a bonus, as you’ve probably known by now, is to increase the value of the deal.

The key, however, remains the same with the other bonuses, which is congruency. A bonus should always be relevant to the product. There is no exception to this rule. If the bonus is not relevant to the product, the users would never be interested to make a purchase.

Software Or Tools

When it comes to software or tools, they give a great big advantage. The first reason for this is that usually, they are expensive. Secondly, the cheap ones are hard to find. When you offer a free tool as a bonus, the users would be moved to make the purchase.

This falls under the ‘rare’ category. Rarity equals exclusivity, which makes it more desirable.

Usually, software and tools are more aptly provided for content creation related products. Creators always need tools to help them with their work and they don’t mind having extra tools.

Example: A deal would be really irresistible if the product was related to photography and the bonus is an editing tool.

The bonus in the example above is already something of high value. Plus, it is relevant to the product, which makes it all the more attractive. Having an editing tool as a bonus gives a great big boost to photography-related product.

Software and tools can be expensive. Providing a promotion code for a discount is already an attractive deal, if it’s impossible to give away the bonus for free.


Just like for tools and software, this bonus works well for creative-based products. Templates can exist in many forms like a poster template, PowerPoint slides templates, etc.

For poster and design templates, you can include it as a bonus to a product that is related to editing or designing. If the product were a tutorial or, perhaps a designing tool, giving them a set of templates is a great reward.

Done-for-you products are very valuable. After all, we’re living in a technology era where people value convenience. In other words, tools that help things be easier.

Another product that could really use a set of readymade templates is anything related to a presentation or public speaking. Let’s say you are selling an e-book that is a guide on how to make a powerful presentation. Providing them presentation templates would be a great big plus.

Having this as a bonus deal will not only help the users but also give them a big push. Some users have problems with designing presentation slides. To those users, the provision of templates for presentation slides is very beneficial.

When you are selling something like this, you want to make it as easy as you can for the users. This will make the deal you are offering all the more enticing.


As you’ve probably known by now, exclusivity sells. There is nothing more exclusive than an access to exclusive contents.

Some contents of a website are limited to only members. To obtain a membership, they have to make payment. Giving the buyers of your product access to these exclusive contents is a sale-closing deal. It’s giving them a free access to paid contents.

How To Get Bonuses

Now, these bonuses sure are a great way to increase sales. But where can they be obtained?

They are not that difficult, fortunately. In fact, they’re very accessible, which is all the more reason to include bonuses in your product. The execution doesn’t require much but the profit can potentially be huge and rewarding.

There are several ways for you to get the bonuses:

Do It Yourself

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you could always do it yourself. It’s a bit of work, of course, but it’s one of the easiest ways you can get a bonus. This is especially applicable if you were to use a special report as a bonus.

If you were to do the special report yourself, you’d have to do a little research and study to find contents that you can write about in the report. And you have to put in a bit more effort in doing so.

However, because you prepare it, you don’t have to invest much money in obtaining it. It’s practically free and it’s a great advantage for the deal, which is good enough to close more sales than it probably could without bonus.

By doing this, not only you have a new addition to your arsenal, you also are able to maximize your profit as you will not be spending much money on preparing a bonus.

Tip: To do the research, you may want to buy the product itself and study it. Instead of reading general articles from the net, you can always do better by purchasing the product. And then, write the bonus with the information you’ve gathered.

Buy Private Label Rights

What are “private label rights”? They are products where the content is already prepared but the ownership of said products can be purchased. Imagine a written book without an author name. The purchaser can put their name as author and own the product for a price.

This is a great way if you are not able to create your own content as someone has already done it for you. All you need to do is make a purchase to have the private label rights and you are ready to distribute it as a bonus.

It requires a bit more budget than preparing the bonus yourself but still, it has its own advantage as well; you don’t have to do the work! All the contents are already prepared but there are still editable for the user.

If you purchase a book, for example, and the contents have already written but you want to make some changes to suit your tone, you could do that. Private label rights are made to be permutable so that you can add some personal touch if you wish.

A huge chunk of work is settled when you do this. You put in such little effort but the value it carries is a lot. For a little bit of money, you can make an irresistible deal for the buyers.

There are many kinds of private label rights. There are books, presentation slides, videos, etc. All of them can be purchased and can be customized.

Joint Venture With Other Affiliates

Another great way to get products, especially when you’ve established a network with other affiliates, is by negotiating a joint venture with other affiliates.

Other affiliates should have their own bonuses that they would want to give, too. When you joint venture with them and combine all of the bonuses together, you’ll have an extremely valuable bonus deal for your customers.

Let’s say if you establish a partnership with 4 other affiliates and each of those affiliate has bonuses to distribute, you’d have a bonus that is worth way more than a bonus from you alone. But you can only do this under one account, as a joint venture with others, meaning the returns would have to be fairly distributed among you and your partners.

This is especially great especially when you are selling a high-ticket product.These products are usually never enough to sell themselves because of their high price.

It’s a bit of a challenge to persuade a customer to make a high-ticket purchase. For things that are expensive, it’s always a great idea to give the customer more than what they pay for.

But always remember to be congruent. The bonuses that you and your partners are offering might be valuable enough, but they also need to be relevant to the product you are selling. It would not work as effectively if the bonuses were not.

How to Give Bonuses

You’ve got some bonuses lined up and ready to be distributed and you already have the first customer. How do you give them the bonus?

Well, the bonuses can be distributed in two ways:


This is done via email. Once they’ve made a purchase of the product, you can ask them for receipt or any other proof of payment that they made purchase through your affiliate link. They can give this proof via email.

This method of delivery is nice because it allows you to interact with your subscribers in a way that really builds long term value and subscriber loyalty. This also allows you a great opportunity to find out what your subscribers need since you are speaking directly one-on-one with them!

Then, you can send them the bonus via email, as well. This is the easiest way, when it comes to preparation. However, if this were done for a product that sold really well, it would be hard for you as the affiliate to deliver all those bonuses.

Imagine having to deliver hundreds of emails. Even if you have an automatic email responder, you’d still have to check each email you receive for proof of purchase.


In popular marketplace websites including JVZoo and WarriorPlus, they can direct your customers to a ‘bonus page’ where the buyer can obtain their bonuses. It’s automated but it requires a little bit more effort and money than sending the bonuses manually.

However, especially when you start making sales by the thousands, you would need to automate some aspects of your business to make things easier. Before that, you can still stick to doing it manually.

Affiliate Contest

As you’ve learned, having bonus deals can do wonders to your sales. This technique could really help you especially in an affiliate contest where sales really matter.

Affiliate contests are competitions organized by vendors. The affiliate with the most sales in a certain period of time will win a prize commonly in the form of cash or rewards.

In affiliate contests, you can use the scarcity factor to push the sales number up. Scarcity factor is a sales technique that gives the customers a sense of urgency as a particular product, or offer, is limited or for a limited time only.

You can tell that the bonuses you are offering are for a limited time only. If you have a bonus deal that really packs a punch, it would be hard for the customers to resist.

I’ve done joint venture with another  affiliate in an affiliate contest. In order to win the contest, we did what we could to win – we’ve compiled all the bonuses we had and made some nice commissions and created some very happy subscribers because of the over-delivery and value they received.

We’ve made great sales in that affiliate contest and our ranking jumped up to the top 5 for a nice payday! This is how powerful bonuses are in boosting sales.

As promised, I’ve revealed the secrets of how to increase your affiliate commission by 200% by using bonuses.

Here is to your success in the affiliate business!

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