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Increase Click Through Rates In Your Emails

Increase Click Through Rates In Your Emails

It’s simple internet marketing math; more clicks = more money.

You need to constantly striving to increase click through rates and learn from your list.

You know all that data your autoresponder gives you on open and click thru rates? Look at it sometime and USE it to build your business.

I want to specifically address click thru rates in your email. I’m not going to go into average rates because it really varies on what niche you are in and what your overall relationship is with your list. Those things aside, the same strategies for increasing clicks works no matter your niche or list relationship.

1) This one I picked up from Matt Bacak and is working really well bumping my CTR over 10%. If you use it everyday, it loses some effectiveness so now I use it 2-3 times a week.

Simply match your link text to match the email headline. If my headline is: DFY Emails, Yes Please

Then in the body of the email:

==> DFY Emails, Yes Please 

The reason most subscribers opened the emails was because of the headline. Seeing the reason they opened it in the email body copy naturally leads to the click. I don’t always do a 100% match as not all headlines will work for a link but include some of the language and power words to get the higher CTR.

2) Include multiple call to actions. Emails with 2 or more call to actions and opportunities to click, always get a few % points higher clicks then very short emails with one. If you go with 2 CTAs, place one after your opening two sentences and then another call to action after you describe whats on the other side of that link.

For emails that you are including three, add a P.S. line under your signature to grab all those subscribers of yours that just quickly scan the email and end up at the bottom fast.

3) Don’t be afraid to break out some bullet points and create a list inside the email. Hard to write you say? Not at all, the vendor most likely already has a list of key benefits on the sales page of the product you are promoting. Copy and paste and drop a call to action to click thru right after.

4) Give an incentive. Lee Murray is a master at this and even did a complete training called “The Leaderbaord Method” on getting massive click thru rates and COMMISSIONS using bonuses that are tailored to the offer you are promoting and your list. Mark Tandan also creating this video training on bonus offers.

5) Include a clickable image every so often. This works extremely well if you are driving traffic to a video review or video blog post. This will extract up to double the clicks than a regular text only email.

Include the video’s thumbnail in the email and link it back to your website. I use Greenshot to take screen captures and you can easily add arrows and text with their editor. Grab Greenshot here.

Put at least one of the tips into action this week and watch your income grow.

Remember to rotate these so your emails remain fresh and increase click through rates as high as possible.

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One thought on “Increase Click Through Rates In Your Emails

  • October 14, 2015 at 4:36 am

    Great tips! I use the clickable image often too. Also inserting a youtube video actually looks like they can watch it right in their email as well. Keep testing great results!


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