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Internet Marketing Junkies With Expensive Taste...

Internet Marketing Junkies With Expensive Taste…

Excerpt from a chat between 2 copywriters discussing an upcoming product launch:

“I think it’s a stupid product, personally, but people will buy it like crazy because it’s so freaking shiny.”

“People kid themselves when they think they’ve graduated from buying $7 shiny objects. They simply upgrade to $27 and above “software” products that merely clutter the hard drive.”

Funny place, the online marketing arena…

After months or years of buying dirt cheap info products, internet marketing junkies inevitably shrivel up from the disease known as information overload.

Those that are serious often hire coaches or mentors. And the FIRST piece of advice goes something like this:

=> Stop buying those silly little $7 products

=> Invest in PROPER tools that will build your business

Well just what the heck is a proper tool? Could be something drastically different for one marketer, compared to another.

If you want to sell solo ads, you’re going to want the best click tracking software you can find. But if video marketing is your thing, well then my friend you’re in luck because every day a new software comes out that will “change the game for video marketers”…

A few months ago I kidded myself, firmly believing I’d graduated from shiny object syndrome. Which in reality, couldn’t be further from the truth.

I simply swapped out a cheap habit for a more expensive one.

Sure, I don’t buy too many sub $10 info products anymore. Unless I find one that really works, that I’m promoting, and for some reason didn’t get a review copy of.

Know what I do buy?

Video creation software. It’s my poison of choice these days. I own at least 3 higher end video creation tools, and have spent countless hours screwing around with them.

Know what software I use to create 99% of my videos?

Quicktime, the stuff that came preinstalled on my Mac. Now THAT’S hilarious.

Write this down (I mean it, you’ll thank me later):

A tool is ONLY useful for your business if it allows you to make or save money by doing something that you couldn’t otherwise do.

A tool is NOT useful for you if you “think” it seems like a good idea but won’t need to put it to use right away. That is a shiny object. It has absolutely zero pertinence to your current situation.

Does an auto mechanic collect tools for tuning pianos? Nope.

So why do we collect “tools” that have no business in our arsenal?

Damn good copywriting, that’s why. Flashy product demos on sales pages that likely took dozens of takes before the creator could finally get the software to actually do what it promised…

Key takeaways?

=> 95% of $10 or less info products don’t work that great

=> 95% of $27 or more software products don’t work that great

=> Expectation of performance of software is much higher, so we often waste hours or even days trying to get something to work and blame ourselves when it doesn’t

=> Too many “shiny” software products have more bugs than a flea infested mutt

Shoot, VERY recently a high priced software platform was released for around $300. Sold like crazy, product of the day, all the prizes. Within 3 days buyers were complaining (publicly) about how many problems it gave them.

One of the BENEFITS listed on the sales page was that ongoing service would include addressing any bugs found by users.

That’s a freaking benefit? You’re telling me flat out you KNOW your product has bugs, but are releasing it for $300 ANYWAY? Please. I mean, COME ON!

Some positive lessons from all this:

=> often you’ll get more money making value from just one solid tip in a great $10 info product than you will from stupidly expensive software

=> in MANY cases you don’t actually need any of this stuff, and probably already have a tool that will get the job done for you

=> just because the sales copy is compelling doesn’t mean the product is what YOU need

The 2 tools I use practically daily that are responsible for more of my online income than anything else?

A DAMN good eBook on copywriting, written by a legend, that cost under 20 bucks.

An email marketing guide created by someone who converts like crazy and actually knows how to teach the trade. Also cost under $20. These are TOOLS that make sense for my business, so they get a lot of use and paid for themselves countless times over.

The video making softwares I bought and wasted hours on? Just taking up space on the hard drive.

Untitled design

So the NEXT time you’re presented with an irresistible sales page and find your trigger finger getting itchy, ask yourself:

=>Am I buying this because MY BUSINESS needs it?

=>Or am I buying this because I NEED it?

Not saying either is wrong, but understand the difference. Buying for reason one is a prudent investment. Buying for reason two means you’re an internet marketing junkie. And I only say that because I’ve been one myself.

Trying to kick the habit, one day at a time…

Did I strike a nerve? Hit the nail on the head? Do you buy strictly to invest in your business, or sometimes for “infotainment” as well?

Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you!

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3 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Junkies With Expensive Taste…

  • June 23, 2015 at 11:00 pm

    Great post except for a couple of errors.

    1) Mechanics buy tools they don’t need all the time. They don’t buy a car jack or a set of wrenches after they have a car to fix, they buy them ahead of time knowing that they will need it in the future. This is the same thing with IM tools, if you know you will need it, it makes sense to buy it..

    2) The main problem is that people choose not to take action. Its like the weight set in my basement. I bought it, I dont use it, but that does not mean the weight set is bad.

    3) You say 95% of software / IM products dont work. Thats a poor statement, because you likely have not tested all IM products to know that 95% of them dont work. When you write an article like this its important that you stick to facts and not invent statistics that have no backing.

    I do strongly agree though that people need to understand that IM products, specifically software is a tool and you should buy a tool that provides a benefit to your business, or that you know will in the future based on your business plan (you all have a business plan right?)

    • June 23, 2015 at 11:07 pm

      Brilliant reply Brett, thanks for taking the time!
      You made some great points and I did take some artistic license with the stats. Going from both personal feedback and that of a large percentage of product buyers, but you got me.
      Fatal flaw of the copywriting profession? Exaggeration.

      Bottom line is the truth of your second statement. The biggest problem is the lack of action taken on products, which ties in to the theme of the post of buying becoming a habit more than anything else.

      With a firm business plan in place, as you mention, buying ceases to become a habit and becomes a solid investment.

      Again, thanks for the honesty Brett. You certainly live up to your reputation!

  • June 28, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    Wow, Some free information and advice that was valuable. Not a lot of
    that around anymore,.
    Unfortunately the bad thing about shiny objects is that some marketers have
    the ability to make them look pretty shiny.


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