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Is There A Moral High Ground With Affiliate Marketing

IS There A Moral High Ground With Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s not kid around. We’re ALL on lists where we get bombarded with affiliate marketing promotion after promotion on a daily basis from internet marketers.

Where’s the line in the sand? What “standards” does an affiliate marketer adhere to when deciding what makes him or her decide to promote a certain product?

The answer to that million dollar question runs the gamut from a “ten” (highly ethical marketer who tests products 1st and only promotes what works AND is a good idea for his / her subscribers), to a “zero” (marketer only concerned with the bottom line and is happy to jump on the latest product with the flashiest sales page).

Sad truth is, in many cases, the marketer with no moral high ground often earns more (short term) in affiliate commissions.

As Rebels, we’ve given up literally thousands in commissions by “taking a pass” on products that either didn’t perform as advertised or didn’t make sense for our subscribers.

Now this ain’t about passing judgements.

It’s about showing you that it IS possible to create a lasting, long term income by doing things you’re proud of and being able to look yourself in the mirror.

Our “standards” when it comes to recommending products to subscribers?

=> Make sure the product does what it promises

=> Ensure the solution is something our subscribers actively need

=> The reputation of the vendor and their service record is beyond reproach

If you follow the same set of rules, not only will you sleep better at night but you just might find you build more loyalty with your followers and enhance your own brand image.

Plus, end of the day… It’s just plain EASIER!

Lastly, it sure is easier to see success as an affiliate marketer when you have a list. So if you’re new to list building or want to kick start your efforts, check out these simple affiliate marketing tips from Shane.

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