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It’s NOT A Call To Action, It’s A DEMAND!

It’s NOT A Call To Action, It’s A DEMAND!

I’m not a huge fan of the term “call to action”. Sounds a bit too much like a pep rally to me, and we all know how 90% of the audience secretly snickers at cheerleaders at a pep rally.

However, the call to action or CTA for short is an integral part of both email messages and sales letters. Recently my friend Shane shared a great post of 50 high converting CTAs you can deploy at will to increase your click rates.

I’d like to share something else I’ve discovered after months of testing. And it all starts with the very simple concept of mindset … but DON’T WORRY, there’s some real tangible stuff to back it up.

In the IM world we talk about our lists, our subscribers, and our audience. Whether we’ve built a traditional list or created a FB audience, we tend to see these people as followers. People that are SOMEWHAT interested in what we have to say. People that we need to PANDER to and do our best to keep on our side no matter what.


If you’ve built a list in ANY of the following ways:

=> By creating and releasing a product
=> By using a freebie and sending people to a squeeze page to sign up
=> By using FB ads to targeted audiences

Which makes you a freaking ROCKSTAR.

And even if you haven’t yet built your list, but are thinking about getting started, well then you’re on your way to being a rockstar.
And rockstars don’t have “followers”. They have FAN BASES. Hoards of people drooling to hear from them whenever they open their mouths.

That’s the mindset to aspire to. YOU’RE the rockstar, and you no longer have subscribers. You have a fan base of people waiting to hear from you.

Which kind of turns the whole concept of the “call to action” on its head. Call to Action sounds a bit too whimpy, especially for something that’s supposed to inspire action.

Calls to action need to be more about DEMANDS for action. Our fan base is eager to hear from us. They know, like and trust us. They are EAGER to check out what we recommend to them, be it a blog post, an article or low and behold, a paid offer.

So let’s be freaking clear about it, okay? No wishy washy CTAs. Bold, VERY CLEAR statements that tell our fans exactly what they need to do. Because at the end of the day, our fans are looking to us to TELL THEM what they should do.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to become some tyrannical prick in your email writing. Just the opposite, in fact. I like telling stories in emails, bringing the reader in a bit.

Lee’s a master at this. Shane and Bryan each have their own unique styles as well: Shane tends to be really business and benefit oriented, while Bryan is your best friend online. Each guy’s style works for him AND his particular fan base.

So when it comes down to the “Demand For Action”, everyone’s style should be unique. Yes, you can use standardized CTAs as seen in Shane’s post and they work great. But if you personalize them just a bit to fit in with the context of your message, you’ll convert better. Every. Single. Time.

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Consider the following example – imagine I’m promoting a product for how to rank YouTube videos.
Let’s say I stick with a “traditional” call to action set up and delivery. I’ll lead into it with a key benefit to the user, then blast out a standard CTA:

Product XYZ can get your videos ranked faster than you ever thought possible…

>> Check It Out Now!

That’s what we see time and again in emails, right? How about a more conversational tone where the DEMAND FOR ACTION flows NATURALLY from the conversation?

We’re rockstars. Our fan base is lapping up our every word. Let’s lead them to the natural conclusion, the action we believe they need to take. Using the above hypothetical product as an example, consider the following:

Ready to get YouTube sending your offers all the targeted traffic you can handle?

>> Then Buckle Up Because There’s A Flood Of Traffic Coming Your Way

See how simple that is? Just by personalizing the lead in and the demand for action a bit, so they flow together naturally?
I’ve been using this more “conversational” style for months and the click thru rates have never been better.

What I really love about this method is it makes your emails stand out from the countless swipes and cookie cutter messages floating around the IM space. If you use swipes, hey that’s cool (I guess) but just by personalizing your demands for action your message stands apart.

It all comes down to mindset though. You need to understand you’re a rockstar. That you’re providing the solutions your fans are after. And as long as you’re giving them value at every turn, they’ll remain keen to take action on your suggestions.

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