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Lessons From Nike ... A BILLION Dollar Company

Lessons From Nike … A BILLION Dollar Company

Just do it. One simple, beautifully crafted slogan. So powerful. So many ways to interpret. Often the wrong way (easy Tiger…)

3 little words. Just. Do. It. And that in itself is about the ONLY thing standing between you and your online success.

Doesn’t much matter to us WHAT you’re doing, unless of course you’ve decided to join our membership program (because then we’re going to hold you by the hand, keep you accountable and practically FORCE you to succeed)…

Want to build a list? Choose ONE method, then, just do it.
Want to crush it with Kindle? Just do it.
Launch products for profit? Just do it.
Affiliate market like a boss? You get the point.

There are THOUSANDS of ways to earn online, the challenge is picking one and following through.

Little tip? Buying shiny object after flashy button AIN’T gonna make it work.

Picking ONE method and following through with laser focus is what it takes.

Which DOESN’T mean studying until you achieve mastery, because who ever does?

It’s about taking massive action, and being okay with the fact that your actions will never be perfect.

You think the richest online marketers started by being perfect? HELL no. They started by making ridiculous mistakes, but THEY GOT IT OUT THERE.

“Busy work” and “certifications” are one thing, and can make you feel good. But you must always ask yourself, DAILY, if the actions you’re taking TODAY are moving you in a very tangible way towards a realistic income.

95% of life is showing up. Great, you’ve shown up. Now you’ve got to fight tooth and nail for the other 5%. DOING SOMETHING. Consistently. Every single freaking day.

Hanging around on FB doesn’t count. If you’re in a mastermind, awesome. But take ACTION on what you learn, each and every day. Otherwise you’re just going to be on the outside looking in, while the action takers are taking home the prize.

Real world example? My latest product. Have had feedback from DOZENS of buyers taking real action and already seeing real results. They’ve got specific, targeted questions which I HAPPILY answer because they’re putting in the effort.

Then there are those that bought and haven’t touched the product. I get it, I’ve done it.

Then the very sad few that bought, looked, and asked for a refund. Invariably, reason being “this isn’t for me”.

Well dear sir / madam, the sales page was incredibly clear with no illusions. What EXACTLY about this particular method of earning online is NOT for you?

You just don’t see yourself doing this? How many OTHER methods have you taken a peek at and decided, without DOING A DAMN THING, weren’t for you?

This of course has nothing to do specifically with one product. This is indicative of the nature of dream chasers that, no matter what the sales page says, believe that by purchasing a product, riches will fall from the heavens.

Ain’t. Ever. Gonna. Happen.

You make your riches. Want to know how? Ask Nike…

Just. Do. It.

Now get out of here and go focus on building your business. But come back, because we’ve always got some great tips (and obviously STRONG opinions) to share.

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