How To Make Money From Freebie Listbuilding: Pay Per Lead Video Training

Everyone knows that the “money is in the list,” but why do beginners have such trouble actually montezing their lists? I used to struggle with this as well. I had no problem quickly building a freebie list into the thousands but actually making daily money from that list was a struggle. I was spending more then I was making to add subscribers and not seeing a return on my time and investment. Sound familiar?

Years ago I stumbled upon this method to monetize freebie lists. These are lists built by giving away something for free, usually a PDF and then you follow up with emails promoting other affiliate products and your own. This is a method I still use today and hundreds of other marketers are now using this successfully to promote to their freebie lists and profit.

breakthrough rebel profits

In the training we talk about PPL programs, known as Pay Per Lead. You may have also heard of these being call ’email submit’ offers. There are variations out there but the mechanics are the same. The subscriber enters their email and you get paid upon successful submission. PPL offers are typically only in the ‘make money online/internet marketing’ niches and email submit CPA offers can be found in most any niche.

What both have in common and the reason these types of offers work so well for freebie list building is the subscriber doesn’t have to buy anything for you to get paid your commission.  The barrier to profits is much lower which makes this perfect for beginners wanting to build a strong foundation before moving into creating their own products and building a buyer’s list like we teach in Breakthrough Rebel Profits.

If you have been wanting to make money from freebie listbuilding, this training is for you! Enjoy, take action and leave any questions you have in the training!

Module 1: Promotional Strategies

Module 2: Basic Set Up

Module 3: Forum Method

Module 4: Clickbanking

Module 5: Free Traffic

Module 6: Scaling Up

Module 7: Advanced Tips

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