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How To Profit From eCommerce Without Doing eCommerce - The IM Rebels

How To Profit From eCommerce Without Doing eCommerce

Cash in on eCom without doing eCom

E-commerce is over a trillion dollar industry and its only getting bigger!  There is a definite uptrend of people buying from social media sites and from mobile and an uptrend in online shops.

The great thing is, you don’t have to have a eCom business to capitalize on the ecom explosion.  That’s right!  you can make money from eCom even if you don’t have a shop of any kind!

The answer is offering freelance services to people who have or need an eCom business.

The tricky part is finding the stores that need your services, but we’ll cover how to do that a bit later.

Making sales in eCom is not easy, and more difficult to make sales with no or few reviews.   Which brings us to the first method of profit: Offering Product Reviews and Descriptions as a Service.

What you’ll want to do is find an online store that doesn’t have product descriptions or reviews (or only has a few with no video reviews) and you contact them with an offer to help them out with it.   One effective way to do it is do a google search for local stores who sell online, and then look for the ones that are missing product descriptions, and reviews and then contact them in person and offer your services.   Video reviews are best, and you’ll be able to charge more for a video review than a text review, but it can all depend on what you are reviewing.

Check out this video where Mark explains in more detail what’s entailed.

 What is best and most profitable way to do this, is to find clients who need  lots of reviews, video reviews  and descriptions.  This will make it more worth your time rather than doing 100 reviews for 50 different small clients.  Check out the rest of the videos on profiting from eCom freelancing services here.

Another method that is potentially more profitable ecom freelancing service is finding local businesses who have an eCom shop on their website, but don’t have a shop app on their FB page, and then offer the service of setting up a FB app shop so they can sell directly from FB.   Or, find a local shop that has a website but doesn’t sell via the website, you can offer to help them set up a shop page or app on their website.

You need zero developer skills to build a FB Shop  App, or a website shop  and there are ways to do it that are easy and free (no, I’m not talking about Shopify).  Read on, because later I talk about how you can easily learn to build these apps, (or you can check out our full course on it here) .

The next method you can use is to find big shops that don’t have retargeting pixels on their sales pages, and hit them up for ad retargeting and remarketing services.    An easy way to tell if a shop uses retargeting is to install the google chrome app Ghostery  (just do a search in the Google Chrome store, its logo is a blue ghost).ghostery

After you have Ghostery installed in Chrome, go to the page of the shop you want to check.  In the bottom right hand corner of your screen, Ghostery will show you all the different ad services the person uses for online ads.


You’ll see a small purple box like this and you can see in the pic that the site the pic was taken from, uses FB retargeting (Facebook Custom Audience), Google Remarketing, and Sitescout so its clear that the owner of the page uses retargeting and remarketing.

If you see something on the page that you’re not sure of, you can always click on the blue ghost in your chrome frame and you can see links and click on them to get more details.

When you find an online shop that doesn’t use retargeting and remarketing, then you hit them up with those services.

If you’re not a retargeting and remarketing master, you can easily become one with our complete retargeting/remarketing course (use that link for 50% off).

After you get your foot in the door with a client for one type of service, it’s easier to pitch other services that you can offer as well, like email marketing services, social media marketing services, content services, and sales funnel services.  Each one of these services areas have a ton of other sub-areas, each one being a different things you can target.  For example, under social media services you have Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  Then, you can break each of those down into subcategories which would be the different services you would offer.

Considering all categories and subcategories there are to target for services, you can make $50 an hour or more from your freelance services.  

Whether you know it or not, you already have a multitude of internet marketing skills you aren’t even aware of that could be making you great cash.

The only thing standing between you and that steady injection of money into your PayPal account, is some very basic guidance. That’s where WE come in. And don’t worry – you won’t be needing any experience!

If you’re ready to get started, then check out our complete course,

Freelancing Profits: How you can cash in with simple services

How do you know if this will work for you?

  • If you can write an email, this will work for you.
  • If you can follow the simple instructions in our step by step video lectures, this is for you.
  • If you’re willing to market the skills you ALREADY have, this is for you.
  • And if you’re willing to pick up a simple skill inside of a weekend, this is definitely for you!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 42 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • Discover skills you ALREADY have that can get you paid … then tap into others you can master inside a weekend for multiple income streams
  • Sell SIMPLE services to massive, untapped markets for EASY profits
  • Create an online ‘home base’ that attracts clients 24/7
  • Develop a winning mindset that lets you seal more deals with premium customers
  • MAXIMIZE your earnings with our PROVEN productivity hacks
  • Provide IN DEMAND email services to a HUGE, completely unsaturated client base
  • Assemble simple product reviews for eCom vendors, affiliate marketers and retailers that make you easy profits
  • Set up sales funnels for a growing base of online marketers that are LINING UP TO PAY for this service
  • Help a huge range of clients that need content curation services – and this is SO EASY to provide
  • Provide social media services to an unlimited market – we’ll show you exactly how
  • Follow our plan for EASY start up and how to scale to full time earnings when you’re ready

How to Cash-In On The eCom Explosion Without Doing eCom

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