My Four Favorite List Building Traffic Strategies

There has got to be dozens of list building traffic strategies to grow your email list. I’ve had the pleasure of trying just about all of them and continue to stay on top of new methods as people share them to try them for myself.

Over the upcoming weeks, months and years, I want to share with you my marketing results, good and bad, for various list building strategies.  When I think of list building methods, I immediately go to traffic. Without it, your email marketing is going nowhere.

At this time, here is what is still working for me in my list building traffic strategies…in no particular order…

1) Forum Signature Traffic

Often discounted but if you do it right and allow it to build up over time, you’ll get a nice flow of traffic to your squeeze and landing pages. Read more about forum signature traffic and how to optimize it here.

2) Clickbanking

This is all about leverage! Any time I can multiply my results and do so in a way that doesn’t harm my list or subscribers, I’m all over it.

3) JV Partners

Building your list through other’s traffic is one of the most popular ways to get verified buyer traffic to your offers and to build your lists.  This can take time and not always as simple as posting an ad for your upcoming launch inviting other marketers to mail for you.

We will be covering some actionable JV recruitment strategies with you as we progress.

4) Kindle KDP 

The most time consuming methods get the best results in most cases. You get out, what you put in. This method isn’t used by many and that’s ok with me! You work once and get traffic for life that builds up over time. PLUS, you are getting new subscribers that haven’t been through the IM wringer yet of bad lists and shady marketers. Pure traffic that isn’t getting hammered daily by email after email.

Look for more upcoming list building traffic strategies that we use every single day in our business!

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