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Online Marketing Success? It's Child's Play - The IM Rebels

Online Marketing Success? It’s Child’s Play

How do you succeed at online marketing? Forget your age.
The older we get, the more we confuse things.

Online marketing? Freaking impossible right? With all the options of product selection, traffic and positioning … we get stuck getting ANY business off the ground.

Try telling that to a kid.

A kid that wants to set up a lemonade stand one sunny afternoon.
Or another that’s trying to win the prize for selling the most Girl Guide cookies.

Just give either of those kids a goal, and watch how he or she accomplishes it:

Lemonade Stand Kid:

=> gets Mom or Dad to buy ingredients and help create delicious lemonade

=> sets up table on busy street corner on a hot, sunny day

=> puts a HUGE smile on their face and hand delivers each delicious lemonade

=> if the kid is REALLY ambitious, will post a few flyers ahead of time advising when and where the “big sale” will happen

Girl Guide Cookies Kid:

=> sources PRE-MADE product from reputable vendor

=> positions cookies to get maximum exposure from ideal customers: in front of grocery stores, liquor stores, heck even Weight Watcher outlets and gyms

=> delivers every product with a HUGE smile to happy customers, offers related products (different flavors) to maximize profits per customer

Lesson? Forget the fancy-pants tactics being crammed down your throat by so-called gurus. Think like a kid.

Got a product or can create one easily? GO SELL IT.
Got the chance to make a commission by selling someone else’s product? Go sell it.

Hell you’ve got it easier than the kids. You don’t need a table set up on a street corner or in front of a store … you’ve got the ENTIRE internet to advertise your stuff.

Make the product OR find one to sell.
Then go sell it.

Child’s play.

Of course to MAXIMIZE profits, you’ll need a sales funnel that introduces both cross sells and upsells to hungry buyers. To find out how to do that, check our latest course on funnel creation here (time-sensitive discount in place).

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