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Our Favorite 10 Ways To Repurpose Content - The IM Rebels

Our Favorite 10 Ways To Repurpose Content

Time is limited for all of us. There is only so much you can get done in a day and often as a solopreneur or digital marketer it can be tough to be everywhere on all platforms. There are ways to repurpose your content onto other platforms to attract a wider audience. This allows us to get more traffic and subscribers while reaching people where they want to be.

For us, our blog is our main traffic source. But just putting up a blog post and calling it a day will bring in the quantity of long term traffic we need to grow our business so we repurpose it other ways. This is something you can easily duplicate and increase your website traffic, grow your audience and most importantly, increase your sales and subscribers.

Here are our favorite 10 ways to repurpose our content:

1) Blog Post to YouTube: Every blog post you write can also easily be turned into a video and uploaded to YouTube. A simple talking head video using your computers already installed webcam software is more than good enough and you’ll be building a new audience there and capturing a share of their traffic. Stick to long tail keywords and your traffic and subscriber will grow with each upload. In fact, after writing this post I am going to do just that!

2) Blog Post To Social Media: This should be a no-brainer especially considering you can automate the entire process. You only need to set up the system once and every time you publish a new post, it’s automatically blasted out to all of your social media profiles. We teach the entire process here in one of our most popular courses: How To Automate Your Online Traffic, Authority & Exposure.

3) Blog Post to Email: Chances are people like being on your list because of the value you provide. What better way then sending an email about your new blog post and how it can help them! Either link after a quick summary or take out the best points for just a content only email.

4) Blog Post to Training Course: We do this both ways. You can create simple training courses in PDF format with a collection of your best blog posts. Each one being a new chapter. On the other side we will often take chapters or sections from our training’s and create blog posts from them and use to soft sell that complete training course.

5) Daily Projects to Case Studies: Everything you do online for your own business can become a case study that your readers will benefit from.  In fact one of our most highly trafficked blog posts is sharing the results from a Bing PPC to affiliate offer test I ran. No matter what you do online or in your business, open up and share with your readers what is working and what isn’t. This can build some serious authority with your readers when they know you actually do what you teach.

6) Training Courses to Udemy: We for years created killer PDF training courses and now we are slowly releasing them as video training on the Udemy platform. This has opened up an entire new audience to the IM Rebels. Since we have already created the training and it’s tested, we know that students on Udemy will get value and it isn’t too much work since the content, except recording video, is already created.

7) Udemy to YouTube: Our Udemy courses are made up of mini lectures all between 2 and 10 minutes. After publishing each new course, we take a few videos out that teach one specific technique or skill and upload them to YouTube. The traffic we capture a new audience and then link to a coupon for that course. We get sales from our YT subscribers and also capture a new audience with long tail keywords.

8) Blab to Blog Post/YouTube: Every couple weeks we do a live session on Blab. It’s a lot of fun and we get to meet our reader and also get introduced to new marketers. Blab is great because you can embed it right into your blog and they also send you the raw recording which you can then upload to YouTube. We simply add a few hundred words summarizing the main talking points and two more easy pieces of repurposed content. For the more motivated, you can also just take the audio and use for a podcast.

9) Blog Post to Infographic: This is a real easy one that most people think is time consuming, expensive and hard. It’s the exact opposite and Mark created a video training here you can watch: How To Create Infographics

10) Blog Post to SlideShare: We get a nice chunk of traffic monthly from SlideShare and it’s as easy as taking your published blog posts and copying them into a free SlideShare account.

While most of these started out with our hub, our blog, it can be reversed. If you are primarily a video marketer then reverse and use all of that content to feed your blog. Don’t feel you have to do all 10 ways to repurpose content either. We certainly don’t but as long as you hit a few of these with each new post, you’ll grow your audience, increase your traffic and ultimately make more money online. Have another way you like to repurpose your content? Please share below in the comments.


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