[Part One] How Often Should You Email Your List?

How often should you email your list? This is one of the top questions we get from subscribers and read on forums. I was browsing some forums today and saw people dishing out advice giving every possible combination and number or times per week or even day they should email their list.  Let’s review a little of what we do here with our subscriber lists and from my own lists in different niches and thousands of emails later…

The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) is a principle that’s alive and well in every single one of our businesses. 20% of your actions will be responsible for 80% of your profits. This is also the point where struggling marketers also cross the bridge when they stop messing with the 80% of work and finally focus on one thing that becomes the 20% that matters.  It’s a reason I think so many coaching programs and mastermind groups have great track records because the student finally starts focusing on just one thing. For me that one thing was email marketing.

20% of your list will generate 80% of profits

20% of product creators sell 80% of new trainings

20% of affiliates make 80% of the commissions

20% of your “to-do- list” will be responsible for 80% of your results

And so on…

If we go to any forum and ask the members how often we should email our list, 90% will tell you to email 3 times a week. It’s regurgitated nonsense that sits well in the minds of Vanilla marketers who are afraid to test different methods. In my accurate opinion, 90% of marketers you ask this question to… will be 100% wrong.

3 times a week is the sweet spot, or so many will have you believe. The real question is… Is it the sweet spot because it works? Or because it’s safe?

I think the reason so many follow this advice is because it’s the safe thing to do. Safe, in email marketing is gonna land you in “sametown.”

Same crappy open rates as the industry standard.

Same responsive rate as your competition.

Same sales to message ratio (if you’re good) as the rest.

Safe…is the absolute worst place you want to be when your goal is to stand out.

So, how often should you email your list?

You should be sending an email to your list every single day. I get a great response from the “email lemmings” when I say this inside forums.

Chances are you’re disagreeing with me right now. After all, if you email your list every day, they will get pissed off and unsubscribe from you’re email list, right? At least that’s the nonsense spewing from the majority of email lemmings every time I bring it up.

Do people hate daily emails?

How is that possible? If they really didn’t want daily emails, they should just stop signing up to email lists. This will surely solve the problem. Truth is, we all get daily emails. Go to your inbox right now and tell me what you see. Chances are you’re going to see emails, right?

So emails aren’t the problem. We get them every day regardless. It makes no difference whether the emails are sent from different marketers.

Actually, I would argue that a daily email from one marketer who knows what they’re talking about, is a lot better than 20 emails, from 20 different marketers, giving out 20 different marketing messages… that end up pulling you in 20 different directions.

You see my future email marketing genius. It’s not that peeps have a problem getting emails every day from the same marketer. They just don’t want the same marketer sending the same crappy content to them every day.

Personally, I don’t want garbage content every day ether. No one does. But that doesn’t mean your subscribers don’t want daily emails. It’s a cop-out to say otherwise.

The ones who “really” don’t want daily emails, are most likely the same people who have “ADHD” – and who are addicted to signing up to email lists to get freebies. You can make your own conclusion if you want… but these are the people I have absolutely no interest connecting with.

Look at this way: Do you come online every day to avoid learning about your market? Nope. You want to learn new stuff, right? We all do. That’s part and parcel of marketing evolution. We educate ourselves. So if you always have something interesting to share with your email list – and your emails are entertaining, do you honestly believe your subscribers will have a problem with that?

They won’t.

They don’t – and the opposite is actually true.

You become the constant inside your subscribers inbox when everyone else is just dropping in from time to time. Check this clip out below when I asked Sean Mize how he structures his email campaigns. Sean is known for mailing everyday and even 2, 3, 4 times a day when he has information that can truly help his subscribers. And guess what? His subscribers LOVE him for it. I know because I also look forward to Sean’s daily emails in my inbox.

Imagine saying to your partner “oh sorry dear, I just want to talk to you 3 times a week, it’s annoying talking to you every day” – Smack in the mouth is what you’ll get. If your partner is a pain in the butt, you’ll end the relationship soon enough anyway. If your subscriber thinks you’re a pain in the butt, they’ll unsubscribe… let them, they’re not people you are ever going to build a strong relationship with anyway. We can’t… and shouldn’t try to be people pleasers. No one likes a people pleaser… even people with no friends.

My point here,… is that if you actually like your partner, or close friend, you’ll have absolutely no problem hearing from them every day. And this is only a 5 minute email message they have to read anyway. You’re not asking them over for dinner and a drink.

That may seem a wee bit dramatic – and it is, but think about it. Who will build the quicker relationships with their subscribers, the marketer who’s just there from time to time, or the marketer who shows up every day come hell or high water? The answer is obvious, providing you’re writing interesting and engaging emails.

The more you’re there. The more comfortable your subscribers will be with you. This is human nature. Don’t believe me? It’s true. Take your bad habits for example. You have bad habits, right? But why do you participate in the process of keeping them in your life? It’s “familiarity” my genius friend. We become accustomed to whatever we participate in for a sustained period of time.

Whether it’s good or bad… is not the point.

The more we see something, do something and participate in something… it becomes normal, even if it isn’t. That’s the power of repetition.

Let me do this another way. TOMORROW I’ll give you a boat load of good, solid BENEFITS why you absolutely MUST email your list every day – and then you go make a decision whether or not to do it… Read here: [Part Two] Benefits Of Emailing Your Subscriber List Daily 

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