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Please… DON’T Swim With The Sharks, Damn It!

Please… DON’T Swim With The Affiliate Marketing Sharks, Damn It!

Look, affiliate marketing can be ridiculously easy. Back when I was brand spanking new and didn’t have a clue, I was earning as an affiliate.

There are two main motivations most affiliate marketers have.

First AND ALWAYS first should be commissions. If your main priority isn’t about making money, your priorities are out of whack. Adjust them.

NOW THAT DOESN’T MEAN you shouldn’t ALWAYS be recommending products that  help your subscribers and audience. Because not offering something of benefit will bite you in the you know what.

The SECOND motivation is an egotistical desire to get noticed by promoting the latest product by the hottest name online. Ego and income don’t always coincide, and too often people waste their efforts trying to promote something they should really be avoiding.

So here are 3 SIMPLE considerations for anyone new to affiliate marketing that wants to see the best possible results from their promotions:

#1 – Stay away from BRAND NEW launches from HOT SHOT vendors. Why? These are pretty much a pre-ordained saturated market. You try to swim with these sharks and you’ll get washed away. I know. I tried, back in the day when I was a guppy.

#2 – Look for EVERGREEN products that have been around a while and are out of launch phase. Why? Proven to work. You’ll be more likely to be approved to promote. And few of the “sharks” are actively promoting at the moment, meaning your competition is practically zero.

#3 – Seek out NEW LAUNCHES by “lesser known” vendors, ESPECIALLY when a HOT SHOT vendor is launching on the same day. Why? All the “sharks” are promoting the “hot shots”, meaning people are receiving dozens of emails about one product. You stand out by promoting something completely different and under the radar.

This ain’t theory, this stuff just plain works. Sure, when you build up the firepower of guys like Shane and Brian you can successfully promote pretty much anything you want.

But when you’re getting started, commissions should be your goal and the above 3 guidelines are the fastest way to get you there.

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