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Positive Perspective & A GREAT Attitude To Launch Products

Positive Perspective & A GREAT Attitude To Launch Products

No matter how many times people are told how smart AND easy it is to create and launch products, I understand why many are hesitant.

First, I believe, is a fear of failure.

Second, obviously, is worry that one’s creation won’t be applauded by the market.

Third, I’d imagine, is in current times it seems we hear nothing but stories about products that hit thousands in sales.

That’s enough to discourage any beginner to start launching products.

So let’s knock these common objections off one by one. And trust me, product creation is indeed a FANTASTIC way to get started online, capiche?

#1 – Fear of Failure: Yes, it’s human nature. We create something to share with a bunch of strangers and get sick to the stomach awaiting approval. Pro tip: get over it. There are WAY more crappy products released than really good ones. It doesn’t take much to make a really good product. The MAIN GOAL must always be to help the end user, and to provide what is promised on the label.

#2 – Worry About Lack of Praise From the Market: We humans are a worried lot. Pro tip: get over it. In most cases the “market praise” is simply the result of solid promotion and a bunch of affiliates getting behind a product. And this only happens over the course of time. MOST product creators don’t hit it out of the park with the first few launches. Instead they get one, then another, then another under their belt and before long become better known and attract more support.

#3 – So Many Products Making Thousands of Sales: Sure, there are a lot these days. There are an awful lot MORE that don’t crack 15. Pro tip? Get over it. We don’t need to compete with other product creators, we just need to slice our own piece of this ever growing pie. Launching works – we build a brand and a list of buyers. Period. Screw competition, especially in the early days.

This post was inspired by a recent online friend I made who has just released his 3rd product. At the time of this post this product had sold about 30 copies AND HE WAS THRILLED.

He posted thanks to all those who supported and was genuine in his gratitude. His products are EXCELLENT quality and extremely helpful, he just hasn’t gained enough of a reputation to attract all the affiliate attention.

But with his attitude, believe me, he’s going to be one to watch. He’s doing it right. Putting out genuinely helpful products, nothing fancy, and building his reputation.

All part time, because like most people looking to start online, he’s got a full time job.

Can part time product launching business lead to full time online success?

You better believe it, with the right attitude. Just follow the “pro tips” above…

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