Reduce, Reuse … ReProfit?

Copywriting is a favorite topic of ours at The IM Rebels and for good reason: effective copywriting increases conversions and therefore profits.

Why invest boatloads in more traffic when a simple tweak to copy can have more of a positive impact?

So as we’re preparing a complete course on the topic, we thought it would be cool to share some simple tips you can start using right away to boost your conversions.

First up, what are the goals of pretty much any marketing campaign?

=> To sell more products right now, and / or…

=> To get people on a list in order to market to them in future

In most campaigns, this will involve three marketing channels. A lead capture page, some sort of direct advertising or product review, and email marketing.

Why not utilize SIMILAR copy in all 3 channels?

We can’t think of a good reason not to, in fact, we can think of a couple of solid reasons as to why you’d WANT to:

=> Similar themes across various channels send a consistent message to your prospects, which tends to increase conversion rates

=> You save a bunch of time (and often considerable expense) by re-using successful elements across a range of marketing media

See, not everyone has it in their budget to hire a copywriter to design a lead capture page, an ads copy expert to design ads or reviews, and an email expert to craft emails.

In fact some people are actually doing all this stuff on their own. So let’s see how anyone can maximize their results with the least possible investment of both money and time.

Consider your lead capture page first. Let’s say after enough tweaking it’s converting at a very solid rate. Know what has a lot to do with that? The headline.

Likely you or your copywriter has spent a LOT of time coming up with that high converting headline. So it just makes sense to get the most mileage of it. How?

That headline, in most cases, would make a HIGHLY compelling headline for an ad or product review. And would ALSO make a great email subject line. If it entices people enough to sign up for your list, you can be pretty sure it’ll entice a lot of people to open an email.

One copy element, THREE uses, when done right.

Same can be done with sub-headlines, bullet points and calls to action.

Don’t be afraid to “re-use” top converting elements from one piece of media to another. As we said, you’ll save time and cash. And you just might find your conversions going through the roof.

Less work, more profits? Now THAT’S what good copywriting can do for you.

So be kind to the environment and your marketing, by reducing, reusing, and reprofiting!

For some great power words to use in your copy, check out this post from Shane.

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