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Sales Copy: Maximize Conversions By IGNORING Salesmen, Cheats & Liars - The IM Rebels

Sales Copy: Maximize Conversions By IGNORING Salesmen, Cheats & Liars

Like many, I have personal opinions about sales copy and sales pages in general.

For instance, I really don’t like “video-only” sales pages, that force me to watch an entire video to get the message.

I’m a scroller – and would much rather READ the key points than wait around to hear about them. But that’s just one opinion.

I also like sales pages that come in between about 2500 and 3500 words – seems a suitable length (to me) to convey the benefits and calls to action, without repeating everything 4 times.

There are COUNTLESS stats about which style of sales copy converts best for a particular niche. Full video, text-only copy or hybrid versions which use both video and text. Long sales copy or short. And for every stat, multiple “sales experts” have opinions to back them up.

I call bullshit.

There’s no “perfect formula” for sales copy for any certain product in any certain niche. It comes down to YOUR audience, YOUR style and YOUR results.

Don’t be swayed by so-called “popular opinion”. It could cost you thousands.

For example …

I’ve already stated I don’t enjoy sales letters that are 100% video-based. But that DOESN’T mean they don’t convert great for certain users.

I know at least 3 highly successful marketers that ONLY use video on their sales pages … and they get WAY above industry average conversion rates.

Why? They’ve figured out their audience, and are appealing to their particular market.

I’ve also said I think a “nice” length for a text sales letter is between 2500 and 3500 words. Doesn’t mean that much shorter or much longer letters don’t convert great – for certain marketers.

If it works for you, forget what any so-called expert has to say.

If it DOESN’T work for you, test the heck out of it, tweak it, and test again. We’re talking about YOUR sales copy here – not anyone else’s.

Your sales copy should be completely unique and specific to YOUR product and YOUR brand. If video is what gets you the conversions – stick with video!

If short or long text copy gets the job done, stick with that.

And if a hybrid version (my personal favourite – but that means NOTHING) of short video combined with text is what sells the most units … well, you know what to do.

In sales copy, stats are your friend. But the key is the stats have to be YOURS. Not someone else’s, not the industry’s, and definitely not “general trends” in the market.

And other people’s opinions mean NOTHING compared to your own conversion rate experience.

So the hack to improve YOUR conversions? First, toss out the rule book. Then, split test multiple DIFFERENT versions of your copy for a certain product. You might just find that what YOUR buying audience likes is completely different from your personal preference.

And if your desire to make  money EXCEEDS your desire to write copy that makes you happy, you just may have to sacrifice personal satisfaction for financial gain. But is that really a sacrifice?

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