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Today our good friend and SIX FIGURE COPYWRITER Norma Rickman joins us with a guest post, where she shares her top tips for creating bullet points that FORCE readers to take action. You’d pay good money for this information anywhere else, but thanks to Norma’s generosity this info is yours for the taking. Enjoy!

I’ve written a ton of very successful sales copy in the Internet Marketing niche over the past 2 years. In my first 6 months as a full-time copywriter, my copy had grossed over a million dollars for my clients.

That’s why I feel I’m qualified to ask a very important question of anyone writing copy for their upcoming product launches.

“Have you included enough agents of sales seduction in your copy?”

No, I’m not talking about tawdry book descriptions for Kindle bodice ripper novels.

The agents of sales seduction I’m speaking of are your bullet-points.

Have you included enough benefit-packed bullet points to make your prospect crave your product with burning desire . . . trapping them in a spider’s web of your own creation . . . breathlessly taking them down a path of no-return?

I see so many get this wrong.

No one gives a damn if your software or info-product is jam-packed with every feature under the sun.

Repeat after me: No. One. Cares.

I cringe when I see bullets like these:

*On-page SEO optimization

*Makes your pages load fast


Excuse my French, but these bullets are f%@king lame.

Features-only bullets don’t build raging flames of desire for your product or service. They might work if you’re selling an insomnia aid – because you couldn’t write anything more boring and sleep-inducing.

Look, there’s an easy-peasy way to write better bullets. It involves two words:

“So what?”

Anytime you list a feature of your product, mentally ask yourself, “So what-how does that benefit my prospect?”

So to build on the above example, here’s how to make those boring bullets from above much more sexy and seductive.

*On-page SEO optimization allows you to outrank your toughest competition and top the search engine rankings for maximum earnings

*Makes your pages load fast, which is critical now load time is a ranking factor in Google

*Cloud hosted so you don’t have to worry about a constant onslaught of WordPress hackers trying to take down your sites

And if you want to take sales seduction a step-further, make your bullet points into fascinations.

Fascinations are bullet points combining benefits with an air of mystery. They stoke massive curiosity for your prospect to know more about what’s not said in them.

Here are some examples of fascinations from some past copy I’ve written:

*The SINGLE change in perspective allowing you to master ANY niche without knowing anything about it
*The “think like a customer”strategy to uncover dozens of hidden interests and keywords
*Use this specific ad post type to get higher click-through-rates, social shares and sales (Hint: just this change can greatly increase your ROI)

Can you see how using fascinations in your bullet points makes your copy so much more irresistible?

If you’re writing for an info-product, you can really stoke curiosity with fascinations by including a page number.

You’d write something like this:

*The 7 words you MUST NOT say if you want to land your next client in 2 minutes or less (p. 47)

So if you want your copy to draw your prospect in, remove all their doubts, build up anticipation and desire for your product until it turns into a raging fire, then put your agents of sales seduction to work.

Powerful bullet points seduce your prospects to the point where all their resistance to your sales overtures has melted away.

And if that’s not sexy, then you really shouldn’t be selling anything online.

For more great stuff from Norma, check out her blog here…

4 thoughts on “Secrets Of A SIX FIGURE Copywriter

  • June 18, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    I’ve been following this blog pretty much since it came out, and love all the posts. So not to knock the rebels when I say this post is my favorite 🙂

    I’ve been able to produce a few consistent copywriting clients and it’s something I truly enjoy and want to be an integral part of my business going forward.

    In my first days of writing copy when I first started online, I had no idea what I was doing. But, once I started injecting EMOTION into my sales pages-fear, sympathizing with pain, heavy curiosity, and best of all EMOTIONAL BENEFITS (which you cover in thorough detail here), that’s when I started getting the PM’s of “wow who wrote your copy?”

    Emotional benefits- what will the benefits do emotionally for them. How will it make them feel? Bring out those positive “wow” feelings.

    I admire Norma greatly for her massive success as a copywriter and this post re-affirmed that my conclusions and what I’ve been doing for people is the right thing. This post is pure gold.

    Thanks Norma and rebels.

    • June 19, 2015 at 2:03 pm

      Hey Stefan, thanks so much for the feedback and I’ll be sure to share your kind words with Norma.
      Your thoughts on emotion in copy are right on the money. I’ve also read that great copy is about 80% pain with 20% authority sprinkled throughout.
      Again, so glad you liked the post!

  • June 19, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    Thanks for your kind words, Stefan!

    Emotion is indeed critical in copy.

    Fear is indeed a powerful motivator; however, we can’t forget about the other emotions that get people to take action.

    That’s why I have post-it-notes with the following words stuck to my wall:


    Yep, the 7 Deadly Sins. Tap into them and you’ll really start writing some smokin’ copy.



  • June 22, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Great advice from Norma with some real home truths in the post. Time to work on my sales copy .


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