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[Checklist] Setting Up a Lead Page or Opt In Page - The IM Rebels

[Checklist] Setting Up a Lead Page or Opt In Page

Setting up a lead page requires you to piece together several components, including the lead page design, the ad copy, the autoresponder and a lead magnet. You can use this checklist to get your lead page up and running the right way…

Choosing a Lead Magnet (AKA the Freebie)

Is your lead magnet highly desirable? (Do people want it? Are they already buying similar products?)

Is your lead magnet valuable? (I.E., would people pay money for it?) Is it polished and professional? (First impressions count.)

Is it something that people will refer to often?

Note: This is important because the more someone uses your lead magnet, the more often they see your calls to action. Examples of lead magnets people will refer to often include gear lists, checklists, mind maps, software, etc. Things like checklists can be inside an ebook or be a standalone lead magnet.

Did you promote a related product or service from within the lead magnet, along with a strong call to action?

Note: Don’t overdo the promotions, as you don’t want your lead magnet to look like a big advertisement. Focus primarily on promoting one product or service.

Is your lead magnet product useful yet incomplete? (The idea here is users need to purchase the paid product to get the most benefit.)

Setting Up the Autoresponder

Did you choose a good quality email service provider, such as Aweber, GetResponse, iContact or other high-caliber service?

Did you upload at least five to seven emails that primarily focus on promoting one product? (Preferably the same product being promoted from within your lead magnet.)

Did you set the messages to go out from 1-3 days apart (no more than one week between messages)?

Did you choose benefit-driven, curiosity-arousing headlines so that readers feel compelled to open your emails?

Did you provide a mix of solid content and promotions, so that people will be eager to open your next email when it arrives?

Did you ensure the emails were engaging? (E.G., conversational style, connect emotionally with the readers, tell stories, etc.)

Did you whet the reader’s appetite for the next email? (E.G., “Stay tuned, because in tomorrow’s email you’ll discover the #1 trick for getting rid of fleas for good without using toxic chemicals…”)

Did you test your autoresponder by sending the messages to yourself to be sure the emails are formatted properly and that the links work?

Have you put in place plans for testing and tracking your email campaign to maximize the conversion rate?

Setting Up The Lead Page

Did you create a polished, professional looking page?

NOTE: If you don’t know how to do this yourself, then hire someone to create a good-looking page for you – use UpWork.com. You might also use the WordPress.org platform and install a stylish theme.

Did you put the biggest benefit in the headline at the top of the page?

Do you include at least three to four benefit statements in a bulleted list? Optional: Did you include a short video sales letter?

Optional: Did you include proof of your claims? (This includes social proof such as testimonials.)

Do you provide a strong call to action right next to the subscription button?

Did you create a sense of urgency, such as by limiting the amount of time the offer is available, or limiting the number of people who can claim the offer?

Did you also present the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter, so that people actually open and read your newsletter after they claim their freebie?

Do you include terms of service and/or your spam policy links somewhere on the page? Did you test the subscription process to be sure your opt-in form works?

Once you’ve gone through the checklist with your lead page in hand and made edits, all that is left to do is send traffic and visitors! Establish your base conversion rate and then start A/B testing individual elements to keep conversions high.

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