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Short Term Vs Long Term Marketing

Short Term Vs Long Term Marketing

I have what I believe are some unique views about online sales generation. First what I see about others – then my own unique and possibly crazy views.

You decide.

So…what I seen “them” doing – Creating products.

Then looking for people who need those kinds of products and trying to sell those products to them.

Harmless looking, on the outside, right?

In fact, completely logical.

But….here’s what tends to happen – a cycle of traffic and sales pressure.

Because that’s the focus – to sell, sell, sell.

So lots of sales pressure.

Sales letters with hype, pressure, buy today or the digital product will run out, etc.

Really pushy.

(Thing is, in the short run – it works, people buy – so it’s like a drug – it works, so do more of it. Then all the current subscribers are turned off, so you have to get more subscribers).

Hence…a wild push for traffic.

Must get more traffic.

More traffic to feed the sales pushes.

Once again, like a drug.

So people focus on more traffic, even more traffic, buying traffic, seo traffic, all kinds of traffic. But the bottom line is, the more you push for traffic, in general, the more the quality goes down. So you have to keep pushing for even more traffic.

Sound familiar?

My solution:

Focus on building relationships, not sales.

Long term relationships.

Ones that don’t have to be replaced all the time.

This eliminates the need to constantly have to chase more traffic.

And it actually eliminates the need to write hyped up, salesy sales letters.

Because people by because they want to, not because you twisted their arm with some “expires today” hypey sales push.

I used to say this: “people buy based on relationships, not based on hypey sales letters”.

I believe it’s true at it’s core, for the long term.

But it’s not completely accurate because people DO buy hype in the short run.

But what do you want to build?

A short term business so you can make an extra car payment?

Or a long term business that allows you to pay cash for the new car, and not have payments?

That’s the difference between short term marketing and long term marketing.

Focus on the long term.

Get away from hype.

Build a solid business.

One that doesn’t have to be fed the “drugs” of traffic and hype.

Stop buying quick solutions.

Instead, invest in learning long term strategies.

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One thought on “Short Term Vs Long Term Marketing

  • May 5, 2015 at 1:30 am

    Loving the blog and the posts. Great to see this from a mix of mentors and marketers I’ve looked up to. Keep it up!


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