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Sick of Seeing FB Ads? Customize The Ads Facebook Shows You - The IM Rebels

Sick of Seeing FB Ads? Customize The Ads Facebook Shows You

I’m sure you’ve noticed the increase in the number of ads that Facebook shows you.  As more and more businesses start doing Facebook marketing the number of ads that pop up increases as well.   I don’t really mind ads as long as they’re related to things I’m interested in but a lot of the time I’m show ads about things I’ll never click on.

When Facebook is trying to determine what kinds of ads to show you, they look at all your activities and then compile a list of your interests.  If one of your interests is the same as an ad targeting an audience who has that interest, then you’re eligible to be shown that ad.

The problem is, sometimes Facebook really sucks at figuring out what you are interested in.   You’ll see an example in the video below about what I mean.

The good news is, you can tell Facebook what kind of ads you want to be show, and its super easy to do.

All you have to do is go to your Ad Preferences and you’ll see a page that looks like this.

fb ad preferences


Each of those shows a different category and to see the individual interests in each of the categories, just click on the category.  To remove an interest, just click on the “X” to the right of the interest you want to remove. Check out the video that shows you how to remove unwanted interests from your ad targeting

After you remove an interest, FB won’t show you ads that target that interest anymore.

It’s as easy as that!

If your ad interests are at all like the ones I had, you’re going to find a ton of ones that you aren’t really interested in.  Not only will cleaning up your ad preferences keep unwanted ads from showing up on FB, but it will also help out any FB marketers that would be showing you ads you’re not interested in.

If you want to remove ads completely, there is a way to do it, but it will also remove your newsfeed as well.  Since I’m on FB marketing and working, I don’t mind at all that my newsfeed is shut off because it helps me focus on my tasks at hand.  When I have a newsfeed I tend to get easily distracted from my work.

So, if you want to kill all the ads on FB along with your newsfeed, then go to the google chrome store and search for Kill News Feed.  (Watch the video above and I show you how to do it)

You can easily turn your newsfeed back on (which will also turn all the ads back on)  anytime you want in the Kill News Feed settings.   Note, this will only work with Google Chrome!  It doesn’t kill any ads on your Facebook mobile app.

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How to Customize Your FB Ad Preferences

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